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Fifties trivia answers

1. Who was Perry Mason's district attorney rival?
Paul Drake
Hamilton Burger
Arthur Tragg

2. On Topper, the martini drinking St. Bernard was named...

3. Who played the "geeky" Walter Denton on Our Miss Brooks?
Bob Denver
Richard Crenna
Dick Van Patten

4. Who was Bandstand Regular Bob Clayton's dance partner?
Bunny Gibson
Carmen Jimenez
Justine Carrelli

5. How would you formally address Zorro?
Don Diego de la Vega
Don Juan de Marco
Don Francisco de la Espana

6. What was Lucy's maiden name?
Lucy MacNamara
Lucy McCloud
Lucy MacGillicuddy

7. Ed Sullivan had a little mouse puppet friend whose name was...
J. Fredd Muggs
Topo Gigio
Lamb Chop

8. The first host of the Tonight Show was...
Jack Paar
Johnny Carson
Steve Allen

9. In what year was Dick Clark born?

10. Jim Anderson on Father's Knows Best called his oldest daughter Betty, "Princess" and...
His youngest daughter Kathy, "Pumpkin"
His youngest daughter Kathy, "Kitten"
His youngest daughter Kathy, "Sugar"

11. The Real McCoys arrived in Califor-eye-ay from...
West Virginia

12. Before he was Captain Kangaroo, Bob Keeshan played...
Clarabell on Howdy Doody
Mr. Wilson on Dennis the Menace
PeeWee on the Roy Rogers Show

13. Maynard, Thalia and Zelda were characters on...
Leave it to Beaver
Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

14. On Make Room for Daddy - who was "daddy"?
Bob Cummings
Leo G. Carroll
Danny Thomas

15. Who was the first host of NBC's Today show?
Lawrence Spivak
Dave Garroway
Chet Huntley

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Fifties trivia answers

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