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1. Hamilton Burger
Paul Drake was the P.I. and Arthur Tragg was the cop

2. Neil

3. Richard Crenna
Bob Denver played on Dobie Gillis and Dick Van Patten on I Remember Mama.

4.Justine Carrelli
Both the other women were popular Regulars!

5. Don Diego de la Vega
Although Don Diego, "Sir" wouldn't have been a bad idea :>)

6. Lucy MacGillicuddy

7. Topo Gigio
J. Fred Muggs was Dave Garroway's buddy and Lamb Chop was Sheri Lewis' hand puppet

8. Steve Allen
Then Jack Paar, followed by Johnny Carson

9. 1929
Amazing, eh?

10. Kitten
Kathy was played by Lauren Chapin

11. West Virginia

12. Clarabell
Eventually the role was played by Lew Anderson

13. The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis

14. Danny Thomas
Bob Cummings was on many series, including Love That Bob. Leo G. Carroll was Topper.

15. Dave Garroway
Lawrence Spivak hosted Meet the Press, while Chet Huntley was an anchor for NBC.

50s trivia

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