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1. Ezzard Charles
Both Robinson and LaMotta were middleweights.

2. Willie Mays
Stan Musial played for St. Louis and Gil Hodges for Brooklyn

3. Dick Buttons
He is the first man to do a triple jump in competition. Jenkins and Heiss both won in 1960.

4. Bob Mathias
Rafer Johnson won in 1960 and Toomey in 1968.

5. Joe DiMaggio

6. Milwaukee Braves

7. 4 minute mile

8. New York Yankees
Ending their 5 consecutive World Series winning streak

9. Win a major tennis tournament
The French Open. The following year she would win both the US Open and Wimbledon.

10. Jackie Robinson

11. Cleveland Browns

12. Arnold Palmer
He'll win again in '60, '62 and '64. Sam Snead was a good choice, he won 3 times and Hogan two.

13. 3Com Park
Pro Player is in Miami and Qualcomm in San Diego

14. Daytona 500
They're the Pettys and Lee won the first ever 500 in 1959.

15. Houston Astros
The Astros weren't formed until '62. But Brooklyn moved to LA and the NY Giants to San Francisco.

50s trivia

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