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1. Adlai Stevenson
Estes Keefauver was Stevenson's vice presidential candidate

2. High and the Mighty

3. Julie Andrews
Audrey Hepburn played the role in the movie.

4. Laika

5. Great Britian

6. 3 years

7. I Could Have Danced All Night
Which is from My Fair Lady

8. Oscar Hammerstein

9. 3¢ to 4¢

10. National Aeronautics and Space Administration

11. Perry Como
For his hit single, Catch A Falling Star.

12. Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare)

13. Neil Armstrong
Who will be picked with the second group in 1962.

14. India

15. Antarctica
You couldn't get 12 nations to agree to share anything except a frozen tundra nobody wants anyway.

50s trivia

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