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1. Richard Burton
She didn't marry Burton until 1964. Oh, and don't forget Nicky Hilton, he was her first husband. ('50-'51) or Michael Todd, he was her third. ('57-58)

2. Edie Adams
Debbie Reynolds was married to Eddie Fisher and Jayne Meadows to Steve Allen.

3. 74 years old
Scary, eh?

4. 69 years old
Feeling old yet?

5. Lucy and new baby
Jack Webb was a good answer; he was on the second one. David and Ricky appeared about 6 weeks later.

6. Willie Mays

7. The Lennon Sisters
From the Lawrence Welk Show! The McGuires were Christine, Dorothy and Phyllis. The Andrews were LaVerne, Maxine, and Patty.

8. Carlo Ponti

9. Pepsi Cola

10. Milton Berle

11. Mississippi

12. Marlon Brando
From A Streetcar Named Desire

13. Amsterdam, Holland

14. Doris Kappelhoff
Which is Doris Day's real name!

15. Lana Turner
Ole Blue Eyes was also married to Nancy Barbato, his first, and Barbara Marx, his last.

50s trivia

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