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Christmas Carols
Christmas Carols

Lyrics and Midi Music

Twas the nIght Before Christmas
Twas the Night Before Christmas

The Original
and 24 funny versions

Old Time Recipes

Christmas Carols
Happy Holidays

Sequenced by Michael Huang
Christmas Carols Twas the Night Before Christmas
Old Time Recipes Poinsettias
Yes, Virgina, there is a Santa Claus

Christmas Games!

Hangman Christmas Carols   Hangman Christmas Stuff

DVDs - Holiday Gift Ideas. Webmaster's personal picks for some great sets to give or for yourself!


History and Care

Yes Virginia
Yes, Virgina,
there is a Santa Claus

The Original and the True Story

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Holidays are the best and the worst of times. We all have this nice Hallmark card fantasy we've been carrying around our whole lives. But it's not easy to get the relatives, in-laws and bosses along for the ride.

Our gift wish list expands to the upper reaches of our credit card limits and short a lotto win - January's gonna be a bear.

The mall has become a place of such frantic activity that only a Navy Seal Insertion Team could get in and out quickly. And, what IS that thing guys do? You know, where they circle the parking lot for 25 minutes to get a space two closer than the one you saw when you first drove in.

Well, here at the Fifties Web everybody has preferred parking, there are no crowds and all the fun is better than on sale - it's free!

So when the madness begins to take its toll and the Christmas spirit seems far away, come here and rest. The joy and the love are yours to enjoy.

From me to each and every one of you - Happy Holiday and a Joyous New Year.

A Christmas Carol
George C Scott (1984)
A Christmas Carol [DVD]
More Versions of A Christmas Carol

Alistar Sim (1951)
A Christmas Carol (Color Versions) [DVD]

Patrick Stewart (1999)
A Christmas Carol [DVD]
Muppets Christmas Carol
Muppets (1992)
Muppets Christmas Carol [DVD]

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