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You Are in: Miami Vice DVD Review

Complete 1st Season DVD Review

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Miami Vice CD
Miami Vice Soundtrack

Jan Hammer
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Complete Collection

Miami Vice CD
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Miami Vice

Main Miami Vice info page
Don Johnson pics for fans.

Miami Vice
Complete 1st Season
3 double-sided DVD set, 22 episodes
Includes Pilot "Brother's Keeper"

9/1984 - 5/1989 NBC 1 Hour
Color - 114 episodes

Created by Anthony Yerkovich
Executive Producer Michael Mann

Universal Television

Don Johnson
as Det. James "Sonny" Crockett

Philip Michael Thomas
as Det. Ricardo Tubbs

Edward James Olmos
as Lt. Martin Castillo

Saundra Santiago as Det. Gina Calabrese
Olivia Brown as Det. Trudy Joplin
Michael Talbott as Det. Stan Switek
John Diehl as Det. Larry Zito (1984-1987)
Martin Ferrero as Izzy Moreno

Miami Vice DVD Review

I'll answer your first question. YES! Not only is the original music intact but it is now in 5.1 Dolby. The instant you hear the opening bars of the theme blasting at you, it all comes flooding back. The music, the cars, the clothes, the very cool of it all.

Universal has done Miami Vice right in this 3 double-sided DVD set. What struck me like a thunderbolt right from the first was the color. Lush, rich colors restored to their former pastel glory. You get so used to watching shows as reruns that it is easy to forget how they were meant to be seen.

Miami Vice was the first to set a visual style for a whole series, to have a unique color palette. Michael Mann's edict of No Earthtones aptly reflected the white and pastel shades of South Florida. Every building an actor walked past, the interiors of restaurants, none were chosen without an eye to their look and color. To see these colors restored to their original hues is a delight. Now when Sonny drives the Ferrari Spyder, the reflection off the hood is dazzling.

What fun to see all those Miami Vice fashions again. I never understood how Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) could wear so many white pants and jackets without getting filthy. I couldn't do it! But there is Johnson once again in his white looose fitting jackets with the rumpled pastel tee shirt underneath, a sharp contrast to the more formal Ricardo Tubbs. (Philip Michael Thomas)

Yes, there are a few episodes which look a bit fuzzy in places. Most however look terrific and certainly better than the show looks in reruns.

Jan Hammer's soundtrack music never sounded better. And what an array of artists just on this first set. Remember the scene that perhaps set the tone of Vice more than any other? Crockett and Tubbs nightime drive to a dangerous meetup with bad guys in "Brother's Keeper" while Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" plays. No dialogue - just the music.

Or how about Glenn Frey's "Smuggler's Blues." Michael Mann heard the song and then he ordered a story written around it. Russ Ballard's "Voices" while the speedboat crosses the Atlantic to the Bahamas in "Calderone's Return. All moments impressed on the memory.

The DVD set has a few Special Features. All of which I had wish had lasted longer. The Vibe of Vice, Building the Perfect Vice, The Style of Vice, The Music of Vice, Miami After Vice.

You'll see Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas in the Bonus Materials, but only in old interviews. Especially since they are being replaced in the upcoming Miami Vice movie, much will be made of this. But hey, you won't see Richard Dean Anderson on either the MacGyver or Stargate DVDs. As fans, we can hope that arrangements can be made so they will participate in future seasons.

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Miami Vice: The Complete 1st Season

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