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Where an episode features one character, it is indicated

"Among the Missing" Episode: #4.1 - 25 September 1962
Robert Fuller

Claude Akins as Sheriff Tyler Shaw
William Boyett
William Bramley
Ivan Dixon as Jamie Davis
L.Q. Jones
Jan Merlin as Milo Gordon
Dolores Michaels as Nona

"War Hero" Episode: #4.2 - 2 October 1962

Joanna Barnes as Lucy Barton
Maurice Manson
Mort Mills as Obie Loomis
Lloyd Nolan as General George Barton
Keith Richards as Captain Winters
Herbert Rudley as Jeremy Thorne
K.L. Smith

"The Fortune Hunter" Episode: #4.3 - 9 October 1962

Parley Baer
Willis Bouchey
Carolyn Craig as Kitty McAllen
Patricia Crest
Ray Danton as Vince Jackson
Cathie Merchant
Eddy Waller
Peter Whitney as Fred McAllen

"Shadow of the Past" Episode: #4.4 - 16 October 1962
Robert Fuller

Jim Davis as Ben McKittrick
Hal K. Dawson
Ron Hayes as Carl Keefer
L.Q. Jones as Frank Keefer
Norman Leavitt
John Qualen
Andy Romano as Will Keefer
Hugh Sanders as Carewe
Jacqueline Scott as Francie
Olan Soule

"The Long Road Back" Episode: #4.5 - 23 October 1962
John Smith

Robert Adler
Edgar Buchanan as Cletus McBain
Yvonne Craig as Ginny Malone
Sol Gorss as Steeger
Jim McMullan
Gregg Palmer as Duke Walker

"Lost Allegiance" Episode: #4.6 - 30 October 1962
Robert Fuller

Lane Bradford as Ross Banister
Rod Cameron as Christy
Harry Carey Jr. as Whitey Banister
Myrna Fahey as Sharon Helford
Lee Farr as Lon
Walter Sande as Walt Helford

"The Sunday Shoot" Episode: #4.7 - 13 November 1962
John Smith

Chris Alcaide
Burt Brinckerhoff as Hobey Carson
Barry Brooks
Jena Engstrom as Nancy
William Fawcett
Charles Seel
Gregory Walcott as Rare Seton
Dan White

"Double Eagles" Episode: #4.8 - 20 November 1962
Robert Fuller

Danielle Aubry as Marie Duval
James Beck as Easy
William Bryant
Pamela Curran
Dick Foran as Joe Farley
Émile Genest as Duval
James Griffith
Stacy Harris
Russell Johnson as Al Denning
Norman Leavitt
Valora Noland
Charles Robinson as Sam Moore
George Wallace

"Beyond Justice" Episode: #4.9 - 27 November 1962
John Smith

Lyle Bettger as Leland Emory
Kathie Browne as Phyllis Wynn
Fred Coby as Ed Rigby
Margaret Hamilton
Myron Healey
Brian G. Hutton
David McLean as Steven Collier
Jim McMullan

"Bad Blood" Episode: #4.10 - 4 December 1962
Robert Fuller

John Anderson as Leo McCall
Steven Barringer as Skip
Lew Brown
Jean Byron as Annie Whitaker
Barry Cahill
Leonard P. Geer
Joe Haworth
Jan Shepard
Brad Weston

"Time of the Traitor" Episode: #4.11 - 11 December 1962
John Smith

R.G. Armstrong as Vic Prescott
Lew Ayres as Dr. Samuel Mudd
Lane Bradford as Manton
Harry Carey Jr. as Hobey
Paul Carr as Steve Prescott
William Fawcett as Josh
Don C. Harvey as Colie
Anne Whitfield as Miller

"Gun Duel" Episode: #4.12 - 25 December 1962
Robert Fuller

Ben Cooper as Johnny Hartley
Richard Devon as Del Shamley
Jack Elam
DeForest Kelley as Bart Collins
Gail Kobe
Dal McKennon
Nick Nicholson as Ray Vincent
Ed Prentiss
Olan Soule
Carole Wells

"Naked Steel" Episode: #4.13 - 1 January 1963
John Smith

James Beck as Lee Christy
Gage Clarke as Jenks
Robert Cornthwaite as Heron
John Doucette as Sheriff Tate
Charles Maxwell as McKeever
Joan Swift as Saloon Girl
Harlan Warde as Mat Christy

"Vengeance" Episode: #4.14 - 8 January 1963
Robert Fuller

John Milford as Joe Morgan
Denver Pyle as Al Morgan
Fay Spain as Gladys
Lee Van Cleef

"Protective Custody" Episode: #4.15 - 15 January 1963
John Smith

David Brian as Walt Douglas
Ron Hayes as Cass
Gregory Walcott as Willard

"The Betrayers" Episode: #4.16 - 22 January 1963
Robert Fuller

Kathie Browne as Lorrie
Don Kennedy as Deputy
Dennis Patrick as Ray Thatcher
Adam West as Kett Darby

"The Wedding Party" Episode: #4.17 - 29 January 1963
John Smith

Russ Bender as Red Wheeler
William Boyett as Pike
Chuck Courtney
Ron Foster as Lee Taylor
Barton MacLane as Ed Bishop
Ed Nelson as Gil Harrison
Barbara Parkins as Marilee Bishop
Jacqueline Scott as Stacey

"No Place to Run" Episode: #4.18 - 5 February 1963
Robert Fuller

Ellen Burstyn
Richard Coogan
Tom Skerritt

"The Fugitives" Episode: #4.19 - 12 February 1963
Robert Fuller

Phyllis Avery as Myra
Hal Baylor as Hub
Mark Dana as Doan
Jan Merlin as Joel Greevy

"The Dispossessed" Episode: #4.20 - 19 February 1963

Robert Bray as Luke
Jim Davis
Michael Forest as Cobey
Bennye Gatteys as Ellen
Arthur Hunnicutt as Sam Dillard
Gail Kobe as Madge
Carl Reindel as Cass
Richard Shannon as Prentice

"The Renegade Brand" Episode: #4.21 - 26 February 1963
John Smith

Roy Barcroft
Kevin Hagen
Ken Lynch as Tindall
Jeanette Nolan as Ellen McGovern

"The Violent Ones" Episode: #4.22 - 5 March 1963
Robert Fuller

James Anderson as Benson
John Anderson as Bob Blayne
Paul Carr as Bill Blayne
Dawn Wells as Millie

"The Unvanquished" Episode: #4.23 - 12 March 1963
John Smith

Frank DeKova as Tah-sa
Jock Gaynor as Giamo

"The Sometime Gambler" Episode: #4.24 - 19 March 1963

Michael Forest as Wilkerson
James Gregory as Richards
Jacqueline Scott as Ellen

"Edge of Evil" Episode: #4.25 - 2 April 1963
Robert Fuller

Alan Hale Jr. as Roger Canby
Ron Harper as Stede Rhodes
Harry Lauter as Bert Lewis
Quinn K. Redeker as Jack Lewis

"Broken Honor" Episode: #4.26 - 9 April 1963
Robert Fuller

Richard Bakalyan as Mel Doleman
Don 'Red' Barry as Dave Byrnie
Rod Cameron as Roy Halloran
Vinton Haworth as Art Potter
Peggy McCay as Martha Halloran
Ron Soble

"The Last Battleground" Episode: #4.27 - 16 April 1963

John Hoyt as Major John Ellis
Brett King as Hall
Robert Knapp as Gibbs
Frank Overton as James Courtland
Dee Pollock as Will Courtland
Marshall Reed

"The Stranger" Episode: #4.28 - 23 April 1963

Geraldine Brooks as Lorena Carver
L.Q. Jones as Sergeant
Dewey Martin as Vanton Madox
Scott McCartor as Carl
Ed Prentiss as Doc
Karl Swenson as Emikl Viktor
Lee Van Cleef as Caleb

"The Marshals" Episode: #4.29 - 30 April 1963
Robert Fuller

William Bryant as Reb Carlton
Reginald Gardiner as Patches
David McLean as Branch McGary
Dennis Patrick as Vern Buckner
John Pickard
Ed Prentiss
Robert J. Wilke as Clint Buckner

"Badge of Glory" Episode: #4.30 - 7 May 1963

Lin McCarthy as John Holby
Jo Morrow as Helen
Gregg Palmer as Chuck Logan

"Trapped" Episode: #4.31 - 14 May 1963
John Smith

Claude Akins as Walker
Jim Davis as Genoway
Joan Freeman as Nina Richards
James Kline as Mills
Paul Lukather as Park
Barton MacLane as Owen Richards
Tommy Sands as Tad Henderson

"The Road to Helena" Episode: #4.32 - 21 May 1963
John Smith

Robert Colbert as Ross
Henry Hull as David Franklin
John Pickard as Bradford
Maggie Pierce as Ruth Franklin
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