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Where an episode features one character, it is indicated

"Queen of Diamonds" Episode: #2.1 - 20 September 1960

Claude Akins as Jim Dark
Holly Bane as Abel Reeves
James Chandler as Rancher
Julie London as June Brown
Eddy Waller
Brad Weston as Bart Reeves
Tony Young as Clem Reeves

"The Track of the Jackal" Episode: #2.2 - 27 September 1960
Robert Fuller

Jeanne Bates as Sarah Campbell
Stacy Harris as Firth
Stephen McNally as Luke Wiley
Robert J. Wilke as Sumner Campbell

"Three Rode West" Episode: #2.3 - 4 October 1960
John Smith

Chris Alcaide as Greg
Ross Elliott as Jack Adams
Myron Healey as Frank Skinner
Tom London as Old man
Phyllis Love as Mrs. Adams
Jan Merlin as Chris
Vera Miles as Anne Andrews
Denver Pyle as Sheriff
Dick Rich as Bartender

"Ride the Wild Wind" Episode: #2.4 - 11 October 1960

James Anderson as Dallas
Ernest Borgnine as Boone Caudie
Vivi Janiss as Hannah Moore
Scotty Morrow as Jody
Ed Prentiss as Sheriff Simms
Robert Stevenson as Sheriff Davis
Don Wilbanks as Deputy Morgan

"Ride into Darkness" Episode: #2.5 - 18 October 1960

Phyllis Avery as Mae
Charles Drake as Matt Jessup
Jason Robards Sr. as Dan Preston
Brad Weston as Chuck

"The Long Riders" Episode: #2.6 - 25 October 1960

John Anderson as Ed McKeever
Lew Brown
Fred Coby as Charley Craig
Dan Duryea as Luke Gregg

"The Dark Trail" Episode: #2.7 - 1 November 1960
Robert Fuller

Gigi Perreau as Celie Bronson
Harold Stone as Sam Bronson
Robert Vaughn as Sandy Kayle

".45 Calibre" Episode: #2.8 - 15 November 1960
Robert Fuller

Anna-Lisa as Louisa Clark
Charlie Briggs as Charley Wilkes
George Nader as Wells Clark
John Pickard as Sloane
Lee Van Cleef as Wes Torrey
Katherine Warren as Mrs. Byrd

"License to Kill" Episode: #2.9 - 22 November 1960

R.G. Armstrong as Sam Jarrad
Kem Dibbs as Tibbs
William Fawcett as Ben
Denny Miller as Wilkie

"Drifter's Gold" Episode: #2.10 - 29 November 1960
John Smith

Rod Cameron as Tom Bedloe
Billy Dix as Ben
Don Kennedy as Nick
Sandra Knight as Wilma
Judi Meredith as Marcie Benson
Gregory Walcott as Duke
Dickie Walters as Jock Benson

"No Second Chance" Episode: #2.11 - 6 December 1960

Richard Coogan as Sheriff Lom Matthews
Jeff Richards as Kem Backer
Fay Spain as Fran Ericson

"Duel at Parkinson Town" Episode: #2.12 - 13 December 1960

Don Beddoe as Dr. Sweeney
Ron Harper as Lee Parkinson
Henry Hull as Ben Parkinson
Murray Matheson as Alexander
Edward G. Robinson Jr. as Citizen
Bartlett Robinson as Sheriff
Michael Vallon as Citizen

"A Sound of Bells" Episode: #2.13 - 27 December 1960

Rachel Ames
Mara Corday as Rose
Dick Foran as Tom
Kim Hector as Neil Hunter
Ben Johnson as Driver
Ross Martin as Angel
Robert J. Wilke as Slate

"The Passing of Kuba Smith" Episode: #2.14 - 3 January 1961
John Smith

John McIntire as Kuba Smith
Bartlett Robinson as Davis
Walter Sande as Weardon
Gloria Talbott as Jane
Harry Tyler as Farmer

"Man from Kansas" Episode: #2.15 - 10 January 1961

Jocelyn Brando as Sarah Willoughby
Vinton Haworth as Carter Simpson
Jock Mahoney as Clay Jackson
George Mitchell as August Willoughby
Kelly Thordsen as Bates
Adam West as Deputy

"Killer Without Cause" Episode: #2.16 - 24 January 1961
John Smith

Rex Holman as Ken Vail
Dayton Lummis as Judge
Onslow Stevens as General Taylor Roberts
James Westerfield as Carl Vail

"Stolen Tribute" Episode: #2.17 - 31 January 1961
Robert Fuller

Edgar Buchanan as Tully Casper
Jan Merlin as Clint Wade
Dennis Patrick as Deke Beldon

"The Lost Dutchman" Episode: #2.18 - 14 February 1961
Robert Fuller

Robert Armstrong as Sheriff
Rayford Barnes as George Lake
Robert Emhardt as Senator Lake
George Keymas as Clint Mocassin
Karen Steele as Mary Lake

"Cactus Lady" Episode: #2.19 - 21 February 1961

Arthur Hunnicutt as Ezra
L.Q. Jones as Homer
Tom London as Charlie
Grandon Rhodes as Mr. Thomson
Anita Sands as Troy McCandless
Harry Dean Stanton
Katherine Warren as Mrs. Thomson

"Riders of the Night" Episode: #2.20 - 7 March 1961
John Smith

Gregg Barton as Frank
Hal Baylor as Beamer
Richard Coogan as Doc Kingsly
James Griffith as Gabe
Norman Leavitt as Ben Yuma
Mary Murphy as Sandy
Rhodes Reason as Phil Yuma
Chuck Roberson as Cher

"The Mark of the Manhunters" Episode: #2.21 - 14 March 1961

Marguerite Chapman as Val Faro
James Coburn as Gil Spanner
Charles McGraw as Marshal Craig

"Rimrock" Episode: #2.22 - 21 March 1961
Robert Fuller

Lyle Bettger as Sheriff Grant McClintock
Susan Cummings as Holly Matthews
Tom London as Tim
Mort Mills as Rink Banners

"Run of the Hunted" Episode: #2.23 - 4 April 1961
John Smith

R.G. Armstrong as Jud
Gregg Barton
Charles Bronson as Cory Lake
Leonard P. Geer
Kevin Hagen as David
Harry Harvey Jr. as Tolan
Harry Lauter as Harry

"Two for the Gallows" Episode: #2.24 - 11 April 1961
John Smith

Richard Evans as Len
Warren Oates as Pete
Eddy Waller
Donald Woods as Morgan Bennett

"The Debt" Episode: #2.25 - 18 April 1961
Robert Fuller

Roy Barcroft as Cotter
Harry Carey Jr. as Harry Markle
Jason Evers as Hanson
Monica Lewis as Clovis
Emile Meyer as Pearson
Vaughn Taylor as Pettis

"Killer's Odds" Episode: #2.26 - 25 April 1961

Russell Johnson as Stanton
John Lupton as Fred Powers
Patricia Michon
Lee Van Cleef as Dawson

"Bitter Glory" Episode: #2.27 - 2 May 1961

Paul Birch as Major Stanton
Dick Foran as Billy Jacobs
Dianne Foster as Ellie Jacobs
Ed Nelson as Cal Mason

"The Tumbleweed Wagon" Episode: #2.28 - 9 May 1961
John Smith

Elisha Cook Jr.
Robert Crosson as Morgan Warner
Steve Darrell
Jack Elam as Charley Fox

"Trigger Point" Episode: #2.29 - 16 May 1961
Robert Fuller

Mary Murphy as Lottie
Lori Nelson as Grace
Gregory Walcott as Shelly Stack
Willard Waterman as Bender

"Badge of the Outsider" Episode: #2.30 - 23 May 1961
John Smith

Roy Barcroft as Doc Longley
Jan Shepard as Cindy
George Wallace as Gip

"Men in Shadows" Episode: #2.31 - 30 May 1961

Rod Cameron as Howard Gallery
Ken Christy as Banks
Dennis Patrick as Kramer
Joan Tabor as Julie

"Strange Company" Episode: #2.32 - 6 June 1960
John Smith

James Brown as Lon MacRae
Mark Dana as Bracket
Christopher Dark as N'Codee
Denver Pyle as Bailey
William Tennant as Bob Wilson
Dick Wessel as Higgins

"Widow in White" Episode: #2.33 - 13 June 1961
John Smith

Rayford Barnes as Birch
Richard Coogan as Sheriff
Ross Elliott as Collins
Sue England as Sheila Dawson
Ben Johnson as Tarp
George Keymas as Stover
Ed Prentiss as Bailey
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