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Lucy Jigsaw Puzzles!

I Love Lucy on DVD
Complete 4th Season!

I Love Lucy on DVD - 4th Season

I Love Lucy:
The Complete 4th Season DVD

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This is the season when Lucy goes to Hollywood! Some of the best and most memorable episdoes happen in year 4.

To celebrate the release of I Love Lucy's 4th Season, we have some pictures to help you remember that special year.

My Favorites!
"Harpo Marx" Lucy has told Carolyn Appleby she knows big name stars! "L.A. at Last" (With Eve Arden and William Holden) Gawking at stars at the Brown Derby restaurant. Many consider this to be the best Lucy episode of all.
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I Love Lucy Season 4

"Lucy Cries Wolf" Lucy lies to Ricky about a burglar being in the apt.
"Mr. & Mrs. TV Show" Lucy tried to get into Ricky's "at-home" TV show
I Love Lucy episdoe 98 I Love Lucy episdoe 101
I Love Lucy on DVD 1st
I Love Lucy:
The Complete 1st Season DVD

"Ethel's Birthday" Ethel is always disappointed in Fred's birthday gifts, so he asks for Lucy's help. Which makes things worse.
I Love Lucy episdoe 106 I Love Lucy episdoe 106
I Love Lucy on DVD 2nd
I Love Lucy:
The Complete 2nd Season DVD

"Ricky's Movie Offer" Ricky gets the chance to auditon for a movie - and everybody wants to be a star. This begins the Hollywood saga.
"Getting Ready" Lucy and Ricky are less than thrilled about the car Fred got for the trip.
I Love Lucy episdoe 103 I Love Lucy episdoe 108
I Love Lucy on DVD 3rd
I Love Lucy:
The Complete 3rd Season DVD

"Ethel's Home Town" Ethel is popular in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico due to a stretch of the truth. And Lucy, Ricky and Fred want some payback.
"Lucy Gets in Pictures" Lucy is not very graceful as an MGM showgirl.
I Love Lucy episdoe 113 I Love Lucy episdoe 116
Lucille Ball - I Love Lucy
Laughs, Luck...and Lucy
(with "I LOVE LUCY's Lost Scenes" Audio CD)

"Hedda Hopper Story"(With Hedda Hopper) The big plan to get Ricky publicity from mega columnist Hedda Hopper hits a few snags.
"The Tour" (With Richard Widmark) Ethel and Lucy take a tour of movie star homes and end up at Richard Widmark's house.
I Love Lucy episdoe 118 I Love Lucy episdoe 127
I Love Lucy 50th book
Complete Picture History; Authorized by the Lucille Ball Estate