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Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

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I Love Lucy on DVD

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I Love Lucy on DVD

The Complete 4th Season DVD

The Complete 1st Season DVD

The Complete 2nd Season DVD

The Complete 3rd Season DVD

10/15/1951 - 6/24/1957
CBS 30 minutes
B&W - 179 episodes

Lucille Ball as Lucy (MacGillicuddy) Ricardo
Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo
Vivian Vance as Ethel Mertz
William Frawley as Fred Mertz

4th Season Trivia

Did You Know?
The episode "L.A. at Last" (picture right) was considered by Jack Benny to be such a good example of comedy perfectly executed that he arranged for his own writing staff to see it in a special screening at Desilu Studios?

This is the one where Lucy embarrasses herself (and Ethel!) by dumping a dessert tray on William Holden at the Brown Derby Restaurant. Later, when Ricky says Holden is coming by for a visit, Lucy tries to disguise herself, burning her fake nose in the process.
I Love Lucy Season 4

I Love Lucy Complete 4th Season DVD Review
"California, Here We Come!" This is the year that Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel head west so Ricky can be in the movie "Don Juan." Many consider this the best year for I Love Lucy and certainly some of the most memorable episodes ever involve Lucy and her quest to meet movie stars.

What's amazing is how well these shows hold up even after forty years. The gags still work, even though I've seen them all before. It is especially nice to see them digitally remastered and restored. They look much better than they did "back in the day" because they can be viewed off a DVD on a much superior TV! And the difference between these and the syndication versions is like night and day. How nice to have all those little bits clipped for cable restored.

Season 4 is full of Fifties movie star power. Guests included William Holden, Eve Arden, Harpo Marx, Richard Widmark, Cornel Wilde, Rock Hudson, Van Johnson, Hedda Hopper, Ernie Ford, and Sheila MacRae.

A great deal of care and respect has gone into this compilation. Attention to the original makes this set a fan's dream. It includes the original openings and closing. Did you know that the heart on satin Lucy logo we are all so familiar with never appeared in the original? It was created for the reruns.

I find myself devouring the Special Features for all the inside scoop on the episodes. They include flubs, production notes and a behind-the-scenes audio featurette. You also get 5 complete episodes of Lucy's radio show: My Favorite Husband from which the I Love Lucy show derives.

There are Spanish sub-titles and Spanish audio is available on most episodes.

If you are going to buy one set of Lucy on DVD, the 4th Season is the one to get.

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The Complete 4th Season

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