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For Barbara Stanwyck fans:
She appeared in 4 episodes of Wagon Train and Richard Long appeared in one too.

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Where an episode features one character, it is indicated

"An Anger Greater than Mine" Episode: #4.1 - 18 September 1970
Leif Erickson

Nico De Silva as Pepe
Nate Esformes as Francisco
Alejandro Rey as Diego de la Paula
Valentin de Vargas as Rodrigo

"Spokes" Episode: #4.2 - 25 September 1970
Cameron Mitchell

Robert Anderson as Ben Thompson
E.J. André as Jones
Walter Barnes as Bartender
Tom Brown as Cap
Stephen Coit as Clem Fogarty
William Conrad as 'China' Pierce
Edgar Daniels as Storekeeper
Harold Holmes as Cowboy
James Jeter as Bum #1
Don Keefer as Telegrapher
Geoffrey Lewis as Bum #2
Larry D. Mann as Tobin Boggs
Stuart Nisbet as Conlin
Ollie O'Toole as Café owner
Clint Ritchie as Kansas
Solomon Sturges as Bod Pierce
Clay Tanner as Jesse
Tom Toner as Doctor
Vincent Van Patten as Culley

"Only the Bad Come to Sonora" Episode: #4.3 - 2 October 1970
Henry Darrow

Ed Bakey as Jubel
Margarita Cordova as Constanza
Bruce Dern as Wade
Paul Fierro as Bartender
James Gammon as Lafe
Ralph Manza as Gomez
Joaquín Martínez as Peon
Than Wyenn as Gonzales

"Wind" Episode: #4.4 - 9 October 1970

R.G. Armstrong as Henderson
Scott Brady as Fraley
Tyler McVey as Todd
Steve Raines as Trent
Mark Tapscott as Colton
Dan White as Dirt Smith
Henry Wills as Tommy

"A Matter of Survival" Episode: #4.5 - 16 October 1970
Linda Cristal

Barry Sullivan as Dan Caseman

"It Takes a Smart Man" Episode: #4.6 - 23 October 1970
Cameron Mitchell, Leif Erickson

Carle Bensen as Banker
Wes Bishop as Carter
Richard Bradford as Tulsa Red
Sam Jarvis as young man
Garry Walberg as Bartender

"A Good Sound Profit" Episode: #4.7 - 30 October 1970
Leif Erickson, Henry Darrow, Linda Cristal

Edward Colmans as Sanchez
Joe De Santis as Colonel Ruiz
Harold Gould as Carlisle

"Too Late the Epitaph" Episode: #4.8 - 6 November 1970
Henry Darrow

Gordon Dilworth as Judge
John Gilgreen as Bailey
Raymond Guth as Guard
Monte Markham as Marshal Dave Redman
John Myhers as Stoker
Mayf Nutter as Roy Ladder
Willard Sage as David Redmond
Jack Williams as Luther, stagecoach driver
Jerry Wills as Haunch

"The Forge of Hate" Episode: #4.9 - 13 November 1970

Michael Baseleon as Grey Wolf
Alan Caillou as Hanrahan
Robert Loggia as Two Pony
Raymond Mayo as Longly
Ted de Corsia as Dull Knife

"Fiesta" Episode: #4.10 - 20 November 1970
Cameron Mitchell

Rico Alaniz as Jorge Martinez
Miguel Alejandro as Beto
Pilar Del Rey as Mrs. Martinez
Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. as Bartender
Dan Kemp as Tim
Ken Mayer as One-Eyed Cowboy
Julio Medina as First man
Nehemiah Persoff as Homero José
Monika Ramirez as Elena
Carlos Romero as Sargente
Felipe Turich as Stableman

"A Matter of Vengeance" Episode: #4.11 - 27 November 1970

Robert Donner as Wilby
John J. Fox as Bartender
Warren J. Kemmerling as Reese
William Lucking as Gait
Priscilla Pointer as Mrs.Colton
Barry Sullivan as Dan Caseman

"Pale Warrior" Episode: #4.12 - 11 December 1970

X. Brands as Eenah/Tularosa
Harry Lauter as Mobley
Frank Webb as Talbot
Henry Wills as Tommy

"The Badge" Episode: #4.13 - 18 December 1970
Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell

Lew Brown as Parsons
Robert Broyles as Loosh
Gary Busey as Rafe
Jonathan Lippe as Mobley
Alan Oppenheimer as Sweets
Henry Wills as Tommy
Morgan Woodward as Billings

"The New Lion of Sonora - Part 1 & 2"
Episode: #4.14 - 19 February 1971
Episode: #4.15 - 26 February 1971
Death of Don Sebastian Montoya

Dehl Berti as Fuentes
Roger C. Carmel as General Casados
Robert Carricart as Proprietor
Nico De Silva as Guard #1
Eddra Gale as Lola
Myron Healey as Tommy
Albert Paulsen as Nervo
Lou Peralta as Guard #2
Amparo Pilar as Girl
Gilbert Roland as Don Domingo de Montoya
Ref Sanchez as Peon
Ernest Sarracino as Bartender
Eunice Suarez as Wife
Malachi Throne as Julio Armendaris
Valentin de Vargas as Rodrigo

"Sangre" Episode: #4.16 - 5 March 1971

David S. Cass Sr. as Corporal
Kaz Garas as Sangre
Charles Maxwell as Lt. Allen
Pat Renella as Sergeant
Evans Thornton as Major Benson
Jerry Wills as Trooper McAdam

"The Hostage" Episode: #4.17 - 12 March 1971

Joe Don Baker as Yuma
Ken Drake as Marshal
Rick Gates as Cullen Davidson
Ted Gehring as Bo Bodeen
Tani Guthrie as Meelie Bodeen
Kermit Murdock as Seechrist
Edmond O'Brien as Morgan MacQuarie
Woodrow Parfrey as Pruitt
Bobby Riha as Benji

"A Man to Match the Land" Episode: #4.18 - 19 March 1971

Alan Dexter as Doctor
Myron Healey as Taylor
Michael Keep as Red Eagle
Jennifer Rhodes as Tanea
Albert Salmi as White Horse/Pal Morrison
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