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For Barbara Stanwyck fans:
She appeared in 4 episodes of Wagon Train and Richard Long appeared in one too.

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Where an episode features one character, it is indicated

"Time of Your Life" Episode: #3.1 - 19 September 1969
Mark Slade

David Mark Farrow as Frank
Ted Gehring as Jed Fox
Duane Grey as Matt
James Mitchum as Johnny Keogh
Lani O'Grady as Penny
Gene Shane as Fletch

"A Time to Laugh, A Time to Cry" Episode: #3.2 - 26 September 1969
Henry Darrow - romantic

Donna Baccala as Mercedes Vega de Grenada
Argentina Brunetti as Duena
Victor Campos as Teniente
Julio Medina as Sanchez

"The Brothers Cannon" Episode: #3.3 - 3 October 1969
Cameron Mitchell, Leif Erickson

Lou Frizzell as Jeff Patterson

"A Piece of Land" Episode: #3.4 - 10 October 1969
Cameron Mitchell, Henry Darrow

Lou Frizzell as Jeff Patterson
Miguel Ángel Landa as Jaime
John Zaremba as Price

"Bad Day for a Bad Man" Episode: #3.5 - 17 October 1969
Henry Darrow, Linda Cristal

Marianna Hill as Juanita
Mark Tapscott as Hanniman
Malachi Throne as Matar
Robert Yuro as Kyle

"To Stand for Something More" Episode: #3.6 - 24 October 1969
Mark Slade

Rico Cattani as Felipe
Gino Conforti as Raul
Mike De Anda as First guard
Don Diamond as Miguel
Troy Melton as Upjohn
Boyd 'Red' Morgan as Clarence

"Trail to Nevermore" Episode: #3.7 - 31 October 1969
Leif Erickson, Linda Cristal, Henry Darrow

Rayford Barnes as Lippert
Fabian Dean as Moore
Milton Selzer as Sody Marcum
Bo Svenson as Bennett

"Apache Trust" Episode: #3.8 - 7 November 1969

Ron Feinberg as 'Grizzly' Griswald
Chief Dan George as Chief Morales
Mark Jenkins as Lt. Mulvaney
Evans Thornton as Col. Willkampf

"Lady Fair" Episode: #3.9 - 14 November 1969
Cameron Mitchell - romantic

Joanna Cook Moore as Charlene "Charly" Converse (as Joanna Moore)
Joseph Ruskin as Ainsworth Pardee
Dub Taylor as Fargo Smith

"The Lost Ones" Episode: #3.10 - 21 November 1969
Linda Cristal, Henry Darrow

Christopher Dark as Ramadan
Richard Lapp as Nemo

"The Legacy" Episode: #3.11 - 28 November 1969
Mark Slade, Linda Cristal

John Dehner as Gar Burnett
Pamela Dunlap as Patricia "Trece" Burnett

"Alliance" Episode: #3.12 - 12 December 1969
Henry Darrow

X. Brands as Tularosa
Donald Buka as Maj. Ramsey
Jay D. Jones as Lt. Cooper
Kahana as Keono
Tyler McVey as Col. Shelton
Robert Viharo as Johnny Ringo

"The Little Thieves" Episode: #3.13 - 26 December 1969
Cameron Mitchel, Henry Darrow

Jo Ann Harris as Anna Croswell
Dick Haynes as Sheriff Towers
John McKee as Wilson
Don Melvoin as Hendricks
Heather Menzies as Elizabeth Roberts
William Sylvester as Lafe Croswell
Alan Vint as Tim Parker
Bill Vint as Cleve Parker

"The Long Shadow" Episode: #3.14 - 2 January 1970

Richard Anders as Deacon
Richard Farnsworth as Lloyd
Dan Kemp as Rohde
Steve Raines as Bayliss
Dan Scott as Rollins
Gregory Sierra as Arrigo
Paul Sorenson as Beckert
William Vaughn as Matheny

"The Journal of Death" Episode: #3.15 - 9 January 1970

John Colicos as Matthew Kendall
Morgan Woodward as U.S. Marshal Ted Garnett

"Friends and Partners" Episode: #3.16 - 16 January 1970
Cameron Mitchell, Henry Darrow

Howard Caine as Sanchez
Charles Dierkop as Slim
Miguel Ángel Landa as Miguel

"Jelks" Episode: #3.17 - 23 January 1970

Don Melvoin as Hendricks
Mitch Ryan as Jelks
Henry Wills as Murph

"The Guns of Johnny Rondo" Episode: #3.18 - 6 February 1970

Patrick Sullivan Burke as Bartender
Steve Forrest as Johnny Rondo
Mel Gallagher as Jason Tate
Roy Jenson as Jedediah "Jed" Tate
Jim Nolan as McKendrick
Harvey Parry as Amos
Kurt Russell as Dan Rondo
Kurt Russell as Dan Rondo
Wayne Storm as Joshua Tate

"Mi Casa, Su Casa" Episode: #3.19 - 20 February 1970

William Bagdad as Juan
Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales as Pepe
Michael Keep as Chiopana
Lew Palter as Jorge

"The Lieutenant" Episode: #3.20 - 27 February 1970

Renne Jarrett as Martha Simmons
Donald Moffat as Henry Simmons
Robert Pine as Lt. Jason Adams
Stuart Randall as Gen. Morris
Garry Walberg as Sgt. Wilson

"The Reluctant Deputy" Episode: #3.21 - 6 March 1970
Mark Slade, Cameron Mitchell, Henry Darrow

Foster Brooks as Drunk
Robert Donner as Sam Pelletier
Charles Durning as Hewitt
Dan White as Sheriff Prentiss

"New Hostess in Town" Episode: #3.22 - 20 March 1970
Linda Cristal, Cameron Mitchell

Ed Bakey as Bates
Jim Davis as Robbins
Paul Fierro as Domingo
Todd Martin as Gideon
Natividad Vacío as Major Domo
Mills Watson as Greer

"Too Many Chiefs" Episode: #3.23 - 27 March 1970

Noah Beery Jr. as Hannibal Clay
Michael Keep as Chiopana
Monte Landis as Tailor
Sherry Miles as Margaret Louise
Howard Morton as Proprietor
Richard Peel as Carriage driver

"Auld Lang Syne" Episode: #3.24 - 10 April 1970
Cameron Mitchell

Tony Epper as Hanley
Jonathan Lippe as Harry Lark
Gregory Walcott as Capt. Winslow

"Generation" Episode: #3.25 - 17 April 1970
Mark Slade

Aspa Nakapoulou as Angelina

"No Trouble at All" Episode: #3.26 - 5 May 1970
Linda Cristal

Ivan Naranjo as Apache #2
Felice Orlandi as Felipe
Tony Russel as Ricardo
Vince St. Cyr as Apache #1
William Watson as Brady
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