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For Barbara Stanwyck fans:
She appeared in 4 episodes of Wagon Train and Richard Long appeared in one too.

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Where an episode features one character, it is indicated

"The Stallion" Episode: #2.1 - 20 September 1968
Mark Slade

Clive Clerk as Chatto
Michael Keep as Natchez

"Ten Little Indians" Episode: #2.2 - 27 September 1968

Johnny 'Vatos' Hernandez as Boy #1

"Follow Your Heart" Episode: #2.3 - 4 October 1968

Ed Begley as Ben Lynch
Polly Burson as Bess
Annette Charles as Jill
Miriam Colon as Trinidad
Graydon Gould as Ed Lynch
Roy Jenson as Frank Lynch
Jeff Pomerantz as Tom Lynch
Abraham Sofaer as Commancho, Trinidad's father

"Tornado Frances" Episode: #2.4 - 11 October 1968
Cameron Mitchell

Polly Burson as Woman #2
Winnie Collins as Woman #1
Ellen Corby as Mrs. Dilts
Kathryn Hays as Miss Frances O'Toole
Harry Hickox as Sheriff
Tom Nolan as Wilbur
Charles Robinson as Warren Bates
Dub Taylor as Oscar Hipple

"The Covey" Episode: #2.5 - 18 October 1968
Henry Darrow, Mark Slade, Cameron Mitchell

Lane Bradford as Roark
Anthony Caruso as El Lobo
Kelly Thordsen as Bruger
Sara Vardi as Pilar

"The Promised Land" Episode: #2.6 - 25 October 1968

Joe Maross as Hank Munn
Joaquín Martínez as Innocente
Alex Montoya as Miguel Morales
Jorge Moreno as Bartender
Ref Sanchez as Emilio
Natividad Vacío as Padre

"Ebenezer" Episode: #2.7 - 1 November 1968
Leif Erickson, Henry Darrow

Helen Kleeb as Mrs. Mulrot
Robert Luster as Camel
John McGiver as Ebenezer Binns
Alex Montoya as Miguel
Tom Reese as Judson
Willard Sage as Pogue/Joe Fox
Leonard Stone as Stoop

"North to Tucson" Episode: #2.8 - 8 November 1968
Linda Cristal

Jack Elam as Mackdin
Ted Jordan as Bayliss
Kevin McCarthy as James Forrest
David Renard as Pablo
Jorge Russek as Molinero
Bee Tompkins as Margaret 'Meg' Forrest

"The Deceivers" Episode: #2.9 - 15 November 1968
Henry Darrow

Bonnie Bedelia as Tina Granger
Robert Loggia as Chio

"The Buffalo Soldiers" Episode: #2.10 - 22 November 1968

Alfred G. Bosnos as Cobb
Robert DoQui as Larrabee
Isaac Fields as Higgins
Charles H. Gray as Lt. Robert D. Beckert
William Jordan as Pearsall
Henry Kendrick as Wetlow
Yaphet Kotto as Sgt. Major Creason
Charles Maxwell as MacAteer
Jess Riggle as Telegrapher
Don Starr as Ollicutt
Morgan Woodward as Hilliard

"For What We Are About to Receive" Episode: #2.11 - 29 November 1968

Christopher Cary as Fergus McLeish
Marie Gomez as Pearlita Flores
Francesca Jarvis as Martha Carter
Hal John Norman as Chief Koso
Ned Romero as Carlos Mendoza
Gene Rutherford as Bart Kellogg
Barry Sadler as Robbie McLeish
Don Starr as Dan Carter

"A Way of Justice" Episode: #2.12 - 13 December 1968
Leif Erickson, Henry Darrow

Antony Carbone as Mitch
Frank DeKova as Aguirre
Kathleen Freeman as Maude
Joaquín Martínez as Luis
Denny Miller as Kolos
Fernando Pereira as Rodriguez
Rosa Turich as Mamacita
Mills Watson as Cable

"Our Lady of Guadalupe" Episode: #2.13 - 20 December 1968
Henry Darrow, Cameron Mitchell

Mike De Anda as Garcia
Bill Fletcher as Gillis
Ricardo Montalban as Padre Sanchez
Norbert Schiller as Peletier
Jan Shepard as Mavis

"Sea of Enemies" Episode: #2.14 - 3 January 1969
Mark Slade

John Pickard as Sergeant Williams
Paul Winfield as Graham Jessup

"Shadow of the Wind" Episode: #2.15 - 10 January 1969
Henry Darrow, Leif Erickson

Luke Askew as Johnny Ringo
Charles Bail as Curly Bill Brocias
Charles Horvath as Burt Alvord
Fred Krone as Ike Simes
Fabrizio Mioni as Nickanora
Julia Montoya as Senora
Boyd 'Red' Morgan as Buckskin Frank Leslie
Olga Velez

"No Irish Need Apply" Episode: #2.16 - 17 January 1969
Henry Darrow, Leif Erickson

Charles Bastin as Novak
Robert Cornthwaite as Belding
Eddie Firestone as Sean McLaren
Ed Peck as Capt. Slater
William Tannen as Marshal
Charles Tyner as Scanlon
John Vernon as Gregg
Garry Walberg as O'Fierna

"The Last Hundred Miles" Episode: #2.17 - 24 January 1969
Leif Erickson

Walter Brooke as Robert Morris
Robert Clary as Lucien Charot
James Gavin as Heffner
Michael Keep as Cochise
Jackie Searl as Carter
David Sharpe
Tom Tully as General Tirrel
Olga Velez

"The Glory Soldiers" Episode: #2.18 - 31 January 1969
Henry Darrow

Elizabeth Allen as Sister Ellie Strong
Anthony Caruso as El Lobo
Martin Garralaga as Francisco
Sean McClory as Sandy McIntire
Beatriz Monteil as Carla
Jorge Moreno as Ramon
John Quade as Bartender
Frank Ramírez as Frank Ramirez
Lenore Stevens as Teresa
Heidi Vaughn as Sister Mercy

"Feather of an Eagle" Episode: #2.19 - 7 February 1969
Mark Slade, Cameron Mitchell

Alicia Bond as Terza
Quentin Dean as Sarah
Frank Ramírez as Santos

"Once on a Day in Spring" Episode: #2.20 - 14 February 1969

Rodolfo Acosta as Vaquero
Kathleen Crowley as Countess Maria Kettenden von München
Martin Garralaga as Francisco

"Stinky Flanagan" Episode: #2.21 - 21 February 1969

Marie Gomez as Perlita
Frank Gorshin as Patrick "Stinky" Flanagan
Ken Mayer as Sgt. Cochrane
Richard X. Slattery as Captain
Mike Wagner as Bartender

"Surtee" Episode: #2.22 - 28 February 1969
Leif Erickson, Mark Slade

Phillip Avenetti as Indian brave (as Phil Avenetti)
Jerry Daniels as Cubero
Christopher Dark as Chato
Susannah Darrow as Quintana
John Dehner as Captain Surtee

"A Fella Named Kilroy" Episode: #2.23 - 7 March 1969

Charles Bail as Ben Burris
Bert Freed as Telford Burris
Ron Hayes as Orville Kilroy
Bill Shannon as Dan Burris

"No Bugles, No Drums" Episode: #2.24 - 14 March 1969
Cameron Mitchell

Pamelyn Ferdin as Jennie Simmons
Jerry Gatlin as Jonas
Bethel Leslie as Mrs. Annie Simmons
William Sylvester as Jack Simmons
Gregory Walcott as Truescott

"The Lion Sleeps" Episode: #2.25 - 28 March 1969
Linda Cristal, Henry Darrow

Rico Alaniz as Armando
Brenda Benet as Anita de Santiago y Amistad
Martin Garralaga as Francisco
Alberto Monte as Bandito
Jorge Russek as El Coyote
Luis de Córdova as Doctor

"For the Love of Carlos" Episode: #2.26 - 4 April 1969
Linda Cristal

Michael Ansara as Alberto Ruiz
Kevin Burchett as Ted
Pamelyn Ferdin as Charity
Fernando Pereira as Fernando
Sara Vardi as Constancia
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