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For Barbara Stanwyck fans:
She appeared in 4 episodes of Wagon Train and Richard Long appeared in one too.

High Chaparral Episodes
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"Destination Tucson" Episode: #1.1 - 10 September 1967

Joan Caulfield as Annalee Cannon
Mike De Anda as Chavez
Evelyn King as Mabel
Henry Wills as Lt. Ellis

"The Arrangement" Episode: #1.2 - 10 September 1967

Rico Alaniz as Ricardo
X. Brands as Nock-Ay-Del
Jorge Moreno as Chico

"The Ghost of Chaparral" Episode: #1.3 - 17 September 1967
Linda Cristal, Leif Erickson

Patrick Horgan as Anthony Grey, lord Ashbury
Joaquín Martínez as Little Cloud
Carlos Rivas as Jorge

"Best Man for the Job" Episode: #1.4 - 24 September 1967
Leif Erickson, Mark Slade

Lane Bradford as Gilcher
Ron Hagerthy as Morgan
Steve Raines as Cowboy #1
Warren Stevens as Captain Thomas Dabney
Jerry Summers as Ira Bean
Rush Williams as Cowboy #2

"A Quiet Day in Tucson" Episode: #1.5 - 1 October 1967
Henry Darrow, Cameron Mitchell, Mark Slade

Mathilda Calnan as Mrs. MacLeish
Christopher Cary as Fergus McLeish
Richard Devon as Kansas
Marie Gomez as Pearlita Flores
John Milford as Hardicker
Ned Romero as Carlos
Gene Rutherford as Bart Kellogg
Vaughn Taylor as Asa Simmons

"Young Blood" Episode: #1.6 - 8 October 1967
Henry Darrow, Mark Slade

Mike De Anda as Chavez
Alex Montoya as Miguel

"Shadows on the Land" Episode: #1.7 - 15 October 1967
Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell

James Almanzar as Soldado
Jan Arvan as Jacinto Perez
Kevin Hagen as Dolph Tanner
Myron Healey as Major Corbett (as Myron Healy)
John Pickard as Jake Coffin
William Tannen as Bartender
Ronald Trujillo as Ramon

"The Filibusteros" Episode: #1.8 - 22 October 1967
Cameron Mitchell, Linda Cristal, Henry Darrow

Roger De Koven as Rudolpho
Abel Franco as Mayor
Anthony James as Harley Deever
Dan O'Herlihy as Jake Lanier
Beverly Powers as Lily

"The Doctor from Dodge" Episode: #1.9 - 29 October 1967

Rico Alaniz as Ricardo
Richard Angarola as Jacques Dubois
X. Brands as Nock-Ay-Del
John Davis Chandler as Kid Curry
Jack Kelly as Doctor John Henry/Holliday
Jorge Moreno as Chico
Erin O'Donnell as Jo
Jerry Summers as Ira Bean

"Sudden Country" Episode: #1.10 - 5 November 1967
Leif Erickson, Cameron Mitchell

Anthony Dexter as Dave Gore
Robert Hernandez as José
Jack James as Sandy
John Kerr as Creed Hallock
John Kerr as Creed Hallock
King Moody as Frank Gore
Michael Ross as Bartender
Jan Shepard as Megan Hallock
Henry Wills as Harmon

"A Hanging Offense" Episode: #1.11 - 12 November 1967
Mark Slade, Leif Erickson

John Baer as Sergeant
Alan Bergmann as Major Anderson
Ken Drake as Lt. Colonel
Don Eitner as Capt. Purdy
Paul Fix as Cochise
Anna Navarro as Indian girl
Denver Pyle as General Warren

"The Price of Revenge" Episode: #1.12 - 19 November 1967

Geraldine Brooks as Fay Leyton
Bern Hoffman as Bartender
Jack James as Heavy
Ralph Meeker as Tracy Conlin
Jackie Searl as Clerk

"The Widow from Red Rock" Episode: #1.13 - 26 November 1967
Cameron Mitchell

Patricia Barry as Mrs. Melanie Cawthorne
Duke Cigrang as Strobe
I. Stanford Jolley as Foreman
Carlos Romero as Romero

"Mark of the Turtle" Episode: #1.14 - 10 December 1967

Anthony Caruso as El Lobo
Pepe Hern as Teofilo
Jack James as Mexican bandit
Robert Lansing as Marshall Virgil Packer
Bill Shannon as Sully

"The Terrorist" Episode: #1.15 - 17 December 1967
Henry Darrow

Paul Bryar as Sgt. Tousseau
John 'Bud' Cardos as Third bandit
Gil Frye as Soldier (as Gilbert Frye)
Walt La Rue as Second bandit
Andrew Orapeza as Farmer
Lalo Rios as First bandit
Ned Romero as Rinaldo
Pilar Seurat as Pilar Castaneda
Henry Silva as Santos Castaneda

"The Firing Wall" Episode: #1.16 - 31 December 1967

Rico Alaniz as El Gato
Robert Carricart as Undertaker
Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales as Bartender
Charles Horvath as Pedro's cousin
Fernando Lamas as El Caudillo
Barbara Luna as Conchita

"The Assassins" Episode: #1.17 - 7 January 1968

James Almanzar as Soldado
X. Brands as Nock-Ay-Del
Geoffrey Deuel as Kelso
Derrick Lewis as Kantu, son of Soldado

"Survival" Episode: #1.18 - 14 January 1968
Leif Erickson, Mark Slade

James Almanzar as Soldado
Robert Phillips as Klosen, Apache loner

"Gold Is Where You Leave It" Episode: #1.19 - 21 January 1968
Cameron Mitchell, Linda Cristal

Ted Gehring as Shorty Bleeson
Leo Gordon as Lije Driskill
Shelby Grant as Dolly
Eddie Little Sky as Alacran
Harry Dean Stanton as Johnny Faro
William Tannen as Bartender

"The Kinsman" Episode: #1.20 - 28 January 1968

Rayford Barnes as Gurney
Raymond Guth as Stableman
Jack Lord as Dan Brookes
Jackie Searl as Storekeeper
William Tannen as Bartender
William Watson as Mace

"Champion of the Western World" Episode: #1.21 - 4 February 1968
Mark Slade

Charles Aidman as Paddy O'Bannion
Walter Brooke as Carney
Marie Gomez as Pearlita
Charles H. Gray as Killjan
Gene Rutherford as Bart Kellogg
George Sims as The Benecia Kid

"Ride the Savage Land" Episode: #1.22 - 11 February 1968
Henry Darrow, Cameron Mitchell

Dennis Cross as Apache brave
Michael Keep as Tobar
Mary Jo Kennedy as Ann
George Keymas as Medicine Man
Murray MacLeod as Lieutenant Tabor
Gregg Palmer as Colonel
Rockne Tarkington as Sergeant
Claire Wilcox as Olive

"Bad Day for a Thirst" Episode: #1.23 - 18 February 1968
Cameron Mitchell

Robert Carson as Allison
Jose De Vega as Sourdough
John Furlong as Halliday
Anthony Jochim as Prospector
Dennis Safren as Saddleblanket
Vince St. Cyr as Apache leader
Adam Williams as Burton

"Tiger by the Tail" Episode: #1.24 - 25 February 1968
Leif Erickson, Linda Cristal

Daniel Ades as Rafael
Noah Keen as Travers
Ricardo Montalban as El Tigre

"The Peacemaker" Episode: #1.25 - 3 March 1968
Mark Slade

Paul Fix as Cochise
Ron Foster as Lt. Corey
Barbara Hershey as Moonfire
Victor Jory as Mr. Kelly
David Renard as Prowling Dog

"The Hair Hunter" Episode: #1.26 - 10 March 1968

James Almanzar as Soldado
Richard Evans as Chad Stoner
James Gregory as Jake Stoner
Jack James as Carlos
Kelly Thordsen as Austin

"A Joyful Noise" Episode: #1.27 - 24 March 1968
Henry Darrow

Angela Clarke as Sister Luke
Laurie Mock as Maria De Las Pinas
Ramon Novarro as Padre Guillermo
Penny Santon as Sister Angelica
Robert Yuro as Ramon

"Threshold of Courage" Episode: #1.28 - 31 March 1968
Leif Erickson, Linda Cristal

Ron Hayes as Stacey Carr
Pat Hingle as Finley Carr
Rex Holman as Jube
Charles Maxwell as Hank
Frank Puglia as Miguel
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