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The Big Valley: Season One
(1965) DVD

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Big Valley
Television's Greatest Hits, Vol.5: In Living Color

Has Big Valley theme

For More of Peter Breck See
Black Saddle

For More of Richard Long See
Bourbon Street Beat
77 Sunset Strip

For Barbara Stanwyck fans:
She appeared in 4 episodes of Wagon Train and Richard Long appeared in one too.
Email for details.

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Where an episode features one character, it is indicated

"In Silent Battle" Episode: #4.1 - 9/23/1968
Linda Evans

Karen Arthur as Cora
Conlan Carter as Jud Crowley
Sidney Clute as Man
Don Knight as Sgt. Sean McQuade
Olan Soule as Telegrapher
Harry Swoger as Bartender
Adam West as Major Jonathan Eliot

"They Called Her Delilah" Episode: #4.2 - 9/30/1968
Richard Long

Don Chastain as Worth Parker
Lincoln Demyan as Townsman
Jason Johnson as Buggy driver
Paul Lambert as Ross Parker
Julie London as Julia Saxon
Jon Lormer as Dr. Thomas J. Merar
John Madison as McGregor
Robert Nichols as Chet Staley
Danny Rees as Juggler
Bobby Troup as Piano player (uncredited)

"Presumed Dead" Episode: #4.3 - 10/7/1968
Barbara Stanwyck

Lew Ayres as Jason Fleet
Gavin MacLeod as O'Leary
Richard O'Brien as Mobley
Warren Vanders as Charlie

"Run of the Cat" Episode: #4.4 - 10/21/1968
Peter Breck

Janis Hansen as Beth
Jon Lormer as Dr. Merar
Lisa Lu as Chinese girl
John Milford as Giles
Pernell Roberts as Ed Tanner

"Deathtown" Episode: #4.5 - 10/28/1968
Richard Long

br>Alice Backes as Housekeeper
Antoinette Bower as Alicia Akers
Kathie Browne as Sally
Michael Dante as Francisco
Jason Evers as George Akers
William Fawcett as Coon
Pitt Herbert as Hotel Clerk
Frank Marth as Sheriff Tom Hayes
Michael T. Mikler as Dirt
Jorge Moreno as Paulo
Joel Redlin as Giles
Alex Tinne as Juan

"The Jonah" Episode: #4.6 - 11/11/1968
Peter Breck

Marty Allen as Waldo Deifendorfer
Eddie Firestone as Sid
S. John Launer as Frank McGarrett
Hal Lynch as Eli
Ken Lynch as Hank Demers

"Hell Hath No Fury" Episode: #4.7 - 11/18/1968
Lee Majors

Chris Alcaide as Ryan
Rayford Barnes as Carl
Conlan Carter as Wilt
Don Dubbins as Grady
John Epper as Stagecoach Driver
Steve Franken as Bank teller
Carol Lynley as Dillie Shanks
Mark Tapscott as Phil

"The Long Ride" Episode: #4.8 - 11/25/1968
Linda Evans, Barbara Stanwyck

Richard Anderson as Hen Matson
Kevin Hagen as Barney
John Harmon as Wilmer Hemett
George Keymas as First Outlaw
Paul Petersen as Roy Sanders
James Westerfield as Lassiter

"The Profit and the Lost" Episode: #4.9 - 12/2/1968
Lee Majors

Gordon Devol as Ned
Bert Freed as Rance Kendell
Jim Henaghan as Paul
Robert Loggia as Vern Hickson
Neil Russell as Sheriff
Mark Tapscott as Bates

"A Stranger Everywhere" Episode: #4.10 - 12/9/1968
Peter Breck

Antony Carbone as Vega
Richard Devon as Link
Julie Harris as Jennie Hall
Rex Holman as Croft
William Jordan as Dave Carr
Jon Lormer as Senator Roberts
Byron Morrow as Patton
Dennis Patrick as Ted Halyard
Bill Quinn as Mr. Simmons
Gene Rutherford as Lafe
Timothy Scott as Jody

"The Prize" Episode: #4.11 - 12/16/1968

Ed Bakey as Link Mason
Walter Coy as Jamison
Bruce Dern as John Weaver
Richard Devon
Peggy Ann Garner as Mrs. Whittaker
Peter Haskell as Ben Rawlins
Noah Keen as Stanley
Dennis Patrick
Bill Quinn as Doctor
Rhoda Williams as Mrs. Stanley

"Hunter's Moon" Episode: #4.12 - 12/30/1968
Peter Breck

Don Chastain as Tony Semper
John Crawford as Gandy
Lawrence Dobkin as Ben Dawes
Bruce Glover as Bodkin
Shepard Menken as Doc Willis
Susan O'Connell as Juliet

"Top of the Stairs" Episode: #4.13 - 1/6/1969
Barbara Stanwyck

Russ Bender as Driver
Robert Ellenstein as Dr. Amos Pearce
Paul Fix as Ben Abbott
Ron Harper as Eric Abbott
Jean Inness as Grace Newcomb
Paul Kent as Dr. Allen Morley
Byron Morrow as Sheriff Clark
Walter Sande as Mike Newcomb
Will J. White as Rider

"Joshua Watson" Episode: #4.14 - 1/20/1969
Peter Breck

Michael Bell as Charlie Travis
Royal Dano as Rufus Morton
Greg Mullavy as J. R. Morton
Lou Rawls as Joshua Watson
Robert Sampson as Zack Morton
Mark Tapscott as Bert

"The Secret" Episode: #4.15 - 1/27/1969
Richard Long

Peter Brocco as Judge
Kelly Corcoran as Davey
Vince Deadrick Jr. as Folie
Pete Kellett as Smith
Nancy Malone as Marcy Howard
Simon Oakland as Adam Howard
Neil Russell as Slade
Paul Sorenson as Olson

"The 25 Graves of Midas" Episode: #4.16 - 2/3/1969
Peter Breck, Lee Majors

James Bacon as Hotel clerk
Anne Baxter as Hannah
Walker Edmiston as Hess
Kevin Hagen as Zack Case
Arch Johnson as Web Dutton
Linda Marsh as Nora
Tom Monroe as Sheriff
Eldon Quick as Jess
Robert Sampson as Page

"Lightfoot" Episode: #4.17 - 2/17/1969

Joe Don Baker as Tom Lightfoot
Peter Brocco as Judge
Bill Catching as Calvin
Walter Coy as District Attorney
Pete Kellett as Benton
Dan Kemp as Clem Watson
Harry Lauter as Ben Watson
Bill Quinn as Walter
Harry Swoger as Murphy

"Alias Nellie Handley" Episode: #4.18 - 2/24/1969
Barbara Stanwyck

Richard Anderson as Warden Garrick
Dee Carroll as Meely
Bill Cooley as Jake
Vince Deadrick Jr. as Guard
Dale Johnson as Onlooker
Edith Leslie as Big Mary
Gavin MacLeod as Clute
Richard O'Brien as Sheriff Bannock
Susan Oliver as Kate Wilson
Rhoda Williams as Maud Elliot

"The Royal Road" Episode: #4.19 - 3/3/1969
Richard Long

Kathy Garver as Laura Haydon
Harold Gould as Captain Crawford
Arthur Hanson as Rev. Hamilton
Amanda Harley as Mrs. Owen
Sajid Khan as Ranjit Singh
Paula Stewart as Nita Yates
Kam Tong as House boy

"A Passage of Saints" Episode: #4.20 - 3/10/1969
Richard Long

Donna Baccala as Emmelina Grant
Olive Dunbar as Eliza Grant
Mauritz Hugo as Mr. Clay
Paul Lambert as Arthur W. Denby
Fritz Weaver as Hebron Grant

"The Battle of Mineral Springs" Episode: #4.21 - 3/24/1969

Jack Albertson as Judge Ben Moore
Ed Bakey as Bert Simpson
Paul Barselou as Joe
Conlan Carter as Elmer
Lincoln Demyan as Pete
Janis Hansen as Janie
Jonathan Hole as Clerk
Dennis Patrick as Crawford
Mark Tapscott as Wagon driver

"The Other Face of Justice" Episode: #4.22 - 3/31/1969

Margarita Cordova as Rosa
Johnny Crawford as Billy Norris
James Gregory as Harry Bodine
Don Knight as Sam Jester

"Town of No Exit" Episode: #4.23 - 4/7/1969
Lee Majors

John Carradine as Elias Brown
Al Checco as Desk clerk
Robert Donner as Pete Haunch
Diana Ewing as Maggie
Leslie Nielsen as Sgt. Maj. Earl Conway
Lori Scott as Quita

"Danger Road" Episode: #4.24 - 4/21/1969
Barbara Stanwyck

J.P. Burns as Hotel clerk
Maurice Evans as Edward Hewitt
Jim Gosa as John Clay
Gilbert Green as Jace Timmons
Rex Holman as Cajun
Anthony James as Samuels
S. John Launer as Ted Jessup
Logan Ramsey as The Lawyer
Olan Soule as Telegrapher

"Flight From San Miguel" Episode: #4.25 - 4/28/1969
Lee Majors

Pat Delaney as Sarah Mendez
Don Diamond as 1st Federale
Nate Esformes as Ramon
Victor Millan as Juan
Gerald Mohr as Raoul Mendez
Beatriz Monteil as Rose Valdez
Ruben Moreno as Garcia
Davey Rodgers as Bucking horse rider
Ernest Sarracino as Francisco
H.M. Wynant as Captain Chavez

"Point and Counterpoint" Episode: #4.26 - 5/19/1969
Richard Long

Walter Burke as Ned Stokely
Clifford David as Rich Stokely
Walker Edmiston as Harry Banner
John J. Fox as Jury Foreman
Michael Fox as Jonathan Williams
David Fresco as Bartender
Milton Frome as Dr. Covey
Virginia Gregg as Sarah Clark
William Keene as Jud
Neil Russell as Sheriff Jim Dolan
Russell Thorson as Otis Clark
Harlan Warde as Mr. Vickers
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