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The Big Valley: Season One
(1965) DVD

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Big Valley
Television's Greatest Hits, Vol.5: In Living Color

Has Big Valley theme

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Black Saddle

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For Barbara Stanwyck fans:
She appeared in 4 episodes of Wagon Train and Richard Long appeared in one too.

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Where an episode features one character, it is indicated

"Palms of Glory" Episode: #1.1 - 9/15/1965
Introduces Heath

Melvin F. Allen as Morgan
Dennis Cross as Hoak
Mike De Anda as Ciego
Vincent Gardenia as John Sample
Dal McKennon as Abner Wirth
Arthur Peterson as Swenson
Malachi Throne as Crown
Len Wayland as Sheriff Lyman

"Forty Rifles" Episode: #1.2 - 9/22/1965
Peter Breck, Lee Majors

Charles Bail as Brown
Calvin Brown as Dillard
Andrew Duggan as Wallent
Walker Edmiston as Spock
Michael Fox as DeKoven
Allen Jaffe as Cota
Douglas Kennedy as McColl
John Milford as Barrett
Lincoln Tate as Schad

"Boots with My Father's Name" Episode: #1.3 - 9/29/1965
Barbara Stanwyck, Lee Majors

Jeanne Cooper as Martha Simmons
Richard Devon as Phelps
John Harmon as Storekeeper
Beah Richards as Hannah James

"The Young Marauders" Episode: #1.4 - 10/6/1965
Linda Evans

Sean Garrison as Lloyd Garner
James Gavin as Graff
Kevin Hagen as Harry Coleman
Ken Lynch as Jacobson
Mort Mills as Sheriff
James Patterson as Jamie Drumm
Julie Payne as Francie
Robert Porter as Tobe
Buck Taylor as Turk

"The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner" Episode: #1.5 - 10/13/1965

Sheldon Collins as Chad
Jason Evers as Colter
Richard Farnsworth as Bolin
Thomas Browne Henry as Chairman
Ken Mayer as Crowell
Mort Mills as Sheriff
Arthur O'Connell as Jubal Tanner
K.L. Smith as Dutton
Harlan Warde as Finletter

"Heritage" Episode: #1.6 - 10/20/1965

J.P. Burns as Mourner
Brendan Dillon as Tim Hanrahan
Richard Hale as Hummel
Anne Helm as Brydie Hanrahan
John McLiam as Paddy
Richard O'Brien as Bryce
Sherwood Price as O'Doule
Ford Rainey as Murdoch
Neil Russell as Jack Tolliver
Harry Swoger as Newton
Zolya Talma as Crone

"Winner Lose All" Episode: #1.7 - 10/27/1965
Lee Majors

Robert Cabal as Luis
Mike De Anda as Ciego
Joe Higgins as Referee
Max Kleven as Dave Williams
Herb Pacheco as Aide
Gregg Palmer as Mel Coombs
Katharine Ross as Maria
Naomi Stevens as Anjelina
Karl Swenson as Bert Hadley
Henry Wilcoxon as Don Alfredo

"My Son, My Son" Episode: #1.8 - 11/3/1965
Linda Evans

R.G. Armstrong as Mr. Miles
Katharine Bard as Mrs. Miles
Mort Mills as Sheriff
Robert Walker Jr. as Evan Miles

"Earthquake!" Episode: #1.9 - 11/10/1965
Barbara Stanwyck

Charles Bronson as Tate
John Craven as Doctor
Audrey Dalton as Ann
William Fawcett as Jeb
Aliza Gur as Naomi
Robert Karnes as Padre
Wesley Lau as Roy Schneider
Mort Mills as Sheriff
Robert Williams as Joel

"The Murdered Party" Episode: #1.10 - 11/17/1965
Richard Long, Lee Majors

Jim Boles as Barber
Paul Fix as D. A. Greene
Karl Held
Fred Holliday as Emmet Kyles
Clegg Hoyt
Walter Woolf King as Judge
Larry D. Mann as Jacob Kyles
Mort Mills as Sheriff
Warren Oates as Korbie Kyles
Paul Potash as Alan Kyles
Bill Quinn as George Allison
Charles Wagenheim as Baggage Man

"The Way to Kill a Killer" Episode: #1.11 - 11/24/1965

Rodolfo Acosta as Rico
Pepe Hern as Vaquero
Martin Landau as Mariano Montoya
Reed Morgan as Sheriff
Carlos Rivero as Chanter
Arthur Space as Prof. Hawthorne

"Night of the Wolf" Episode: #1.12 - 12/1/1965
Peter Breck

Ted Gehring as Larsh
Bruce Gibson as Pete
Ron Howard as Tommy
Chubby Johnson as Dr. Borland
Nancy Olson as Julia Jenkins
Yuki Shimoda as Po Hsien
Russell Trent as Bartender
Richard Wendley as Second doctor

"The Guilt of Matt Bentell" Episode: #1.13 - 12/8/1965
Lee Majors

John Anderson as Matt Bentell
Charles Bail as Donlan
Martine Bartlett as Cinda Bentell
Gene Dynarski as Pollick
John F. Goff as Morley
Paul Sorenson as Strawboss
Morgan Woodward as Aaron Condon
Anthony Zerbe as Gil Condon

"The Brawlers" Episode: #1.14 - 12/15/1965
Peter Breck

Claude Akins as John James "Jimmy" Callahan
Eleanor Audley as Mother Callahan
Noreen Corcoran as Sharon
John Harmon as Conductor
Joe Higgins as Passenger
Ken Lynch as Storekeeper
J. Pat O'Malley as Grandpa Callahan
Paul Sorenson as Hotel Clerk
Olan Soule as Telegraph clerk

"Judgment in Heaven" Episode: #1.15 - 12/22/1965
Richard Long

Patrick Culliton as Corey
Lynn Loring as Maybelle Williams
Robert Porter
Kay Reynolds as Meg Travis
Frank J. Scannell as Dr. Merar
Kay Stewart as Helen Travis
Nicolas Surovy as Billy Joe Gaines
Ned Wever as Judge Parker

"The Invaders" Episode: #1.16 - 12/29/1965
Lee Majors

Yvonne Craig as Allie Kay
John Dehner as 'Daddy' Cade
June C. Ellis as Bessie
Tom Fadden as Cleek
Michael Greene as Pinto
Claude Hall as Copper
Pat Hawley as Johnson
Noah Keen as Doctor

"By Fires Unseen" Episode: #1.17 - 1/5/1966
Peter Breck

Diane Baker as Hester
King Johnson
Frank J. Scannell as Doctor

"A Time to Kill" Episode: #1.18 - 1/19/1966
Richard Long

Army Archerd as Bank clerk
Robert Cornthwaite as Luther Kirby
Mike De Anda as Ciego
Jerry Fogel as Train agent
James Griffith as Clyde
Michael Harris as Sheriff
Frank Marth as Monroe
Bill Quinn as Hyatt
William Shatner as Brett Skyler
Rhoda Williams as Esther
Jason Wingreen as Ketchie

"Teacher of Outlaws" Episode: #1.19 - 2/2/1966
Barbara Stanwyck

Pepe Callahan as Julio
Timothy Carey as Preacher Clegg
Dennis Cross as Bates
Ken Drake as Dr. Briggs
Steve Ihnat as Will
Ken Lynch as Sheriff
Dick Poston as Deputy
Harold Stone as Sam

"Under a Dark Star" Episode: #1.20 - 2/9/1966
Richard Long

Charles Bail as Catlin
Bruce Dern as Jack
Michael Harris as Deputy
Charles Horvath as Guard
Richard O'Brien as Yankee
Albert Salmi as Keeno Nash
K.T. Stevens as Meg

"Barbary Red" Episode: #1.21 - 2/16/1966
Peter Breck, Richard Long

Michael Harris as Sheriff
John Hoyt as Captain Waterman
George Kennedy as Jack Thatcher
Donna Michelle as Dolly
John Orchard as Banks
Ric Roman as Thug
Neil Russell as Clint
Paul Sorenson as Hap
Jill St. John as Barbary Red

"The Death Merchant" Episode: #1.22 - 2/23/1966

Royal Dano as Craddock
Michael Harris as Sheriff
Pepe Hern as Pedro
Jim McMullan as Frank Craddock
James Whitmore as Handy Random
Steve Whittaker as Joe Craddock

"Fallen Hawk, the" Episode: #1.23 - 3/2/1966
Lee Majors

Jim Boles as Storekeeper
Paul Comi as Mr. Pursey
Dennis Cross as Keel
Peter Haskell as Ward
Alexander Lockwood as Dr. Merar
Marlyn Mason as Nora
Harry Swoger as Milt

"Hazard" Episode: #1.24 - 3/9/1966

Larry J. Blake as Clerk
Audrey Dalton as Amy Colter
Mike De Anda as Ciego
Bert Freed as Judge Ben Colter
Lew Gallo as Matt Colter
Rex Holman as Will Hover
Alexander Lockwood as Dr. Merar
Frank Marth as Marshal Ollie Lawson
Mort Mills as Sheriff Fred Madden
John Rayborn as Cass Weydon
Robert Yuro as Gil Anders

"Into the Widow's Web" Episode: #1.25 - 3/23/1966
Lee Majors

Lewis Charles as Cully Tedrow
King Donovan as Ambrose
Walker Edmiston as Coroner
Michael Harris as Deputy
Joe Higgins as Mortenson
Ken Lynch as Sheriff
Kathleen Nolan as Liberty Keane
David Sheiner as Archer
Harlan Warde as Judd Fletcher

"By Force and Violence" Episode: #1.26 - 3/30/1966
Lee Majors, Barbara Stanwyck

Bruce Dern as Dixon
L.Q. Jones as Cort
Harry Dean Stanton as Swain

"The River Monarch" Episode: #1.27 - 4/6/1966

J.P. Burns as Anson Gregory
Curt Conway as Cyrus DeLand
Sam Jarvis as Sam Porter
Katherine Justice as Melanie DeLand
Charles Land
Chips Rafferty as Jock
John Rayner as Peter Doolin

"The Midas Man" Episode: #1.28 - 4/13/1966

Walker Edmiston as Titus McKelvy
Hal Lynch as Ed Mead
Richard O'Brien as Jace Holman
Tom Tryon as Scott Breckenridge

"Tunnel of Gold" Episode: #1.29 - 4/20/1966

Jeanne Cooper as Elaine Jason
Don Diamond as Border
Joe Higgins as Salesman
Scott Peters as Lou Stone
Warren Stevens as Bert Jason
Malachi Throne as Frank Colder
Paul Trinka as Dave
Charles Wagenheim as Clerk

"Last Train to the Fair" Episode: #1.30 - 27 April 1966

Richard Anderson as Travers
Charles Bail as Mel (as Chuck Bail)
Betty Harford as Grace Stullman
Charles Horvath as Ford
Hal Lynch as Ab Stullman
Nora Marlowe as Cora Wellman
Ken Mayer as Deakes
James McCallion as Charlie Wellman
Tim McIntire as Andy Moyers
Karl Swenson as Aaron Moyers
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