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Fifties Stars Today

PAGE ONE (Westerns)
Many thanks to Bill Sasser for contributing these pics of the stars today. Bill is involved with the Williamsburg Film Festival and has participated in this and other festivals for many years. Which is where all these pics come from!

Bill has been taping celebrity panel interviews for many years and they are available for purchase.Here's a partial list of stars.

Email Bill Sasser for more info.

TV Westerns

Robert Horton Gail Davis
Robert Horton
Wagon Train
Man Called Shenandoah
1996 Knoxville Film Festival
Gail Davis
Annie Oakley
1989 Knoxville Film Festival
*Gail Davis died in 1997

Dale Robertson Robert Fuller Will Hutchins
Dale Robertson
Tales of Wells Fargo
Death Valley Days
1997 Williamsburg Film Festival
Robert Fuller
Wagon Train
1998 Charlotte Film Festival
Will Hutchins
2000 Williamsburg Film Festival

Peter Brown John Russell Lee Aker
Peter Brown
1998 Charlotte Film Festival
John Russell
1985 Charlotte Film Festival
*John Russell died in 1991.
Lee Aker
Rin Tin Tin
1993Asheville Film Festival

Harry Lauter Wayde Preston Donald May
Harry Lauter
Tales of the Texas Rangers
1989 Knoxville Film Festival

Harry Lauter died in 1990.
Wayde Preston
Colt 45
1990 Asheville Film Festival
*Wayde Preston died in 1992.
Donald May
Colt 45
1997Asheville Film Festival

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