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Panasonic DMRE55K Progressive-Scan DVD Recorder/Player (Black)

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About DVD Recorders   About HDTV and Progressive Scan DVD players

About DVD Recorders - By and for the electronically challenged

I own three of these DVD Recorders. Don't ask. They are pretty nifty devices. I can copy from TV directly to DVD. And I have a large collection of classic TV on VHS which I am converting to DVD. Same for all those home movies.

Here's what you need to know. The technology is new and the machines can be fragile. They are not as easy to work as a VHS machine. You're going to have to read the manual. I see all these customer reviews of the machines I own and often the complaint is because they didn't read the book which contained their answer.

FORMAT. Note the bold type. It's because this is important. You want one that copies to DVD+R. That plays on more DVD players than any other. And it is the standard that Microsoft has accepted and they usually get what they want.

A word about HDTV and Progressive Scan DVD players
Why this matters to you!

HDTV stands for High Definition TV which means movie quality pictures and CD quality sound, a transition from analog to digital TV pictures. The push over the next few years will be to convert the American public to the new HDTV standard, a move encouraged by the FCC.

What this means to you, average American, is that you are going to own an HDTV television sooner rather than later.

Currently, they come in two flavors. HDTVs and what are known as HDTV-ready TVs. I know, groan. The difference is a gizmo called an ATSC receiver which pulls the digital signals off the air, decodes them, and renders them as images on your screen. While an HDTV-ready TV has the resolution capability you need to view HDTV shows, it doen't have an ATSC receiver. HDTV lite, so to speak. While you wouldn't be able to watch HDTV television shows, you would only need to additionally purchase a separate ATSC receiver when you are ready to move to the newer standard. But your DVDs will perk up considerably if you buy a Progressive Scan DVD player.

A Progressive Scan DVD players works great with only an HDTV-ready TV. You don't need a full HDTV set. What is a Progressive Scan DVD player? Do you want to know about interlaced scanning? I didn't think so. Suffice it to say, it delivers a much better picture.

Buyer Beware. The super duper qualities of an HDTV-ready or HDTV television is maximized the closer you sit to the TV set. If your sofa is more than 8 feet from the TV, well, you're gonna need to rearrange the furniture.

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