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1960 inventions

Inventions of the Sixties

The Sixties have been described by historians as the ten years having the most significant changes in history. By the end of the 60's humanity had entered the spaceage by putting a man on the moon. The 1960's were influenced by the youth of the post-war baby boom - a generation with a fondness for change and far-out gadgets.


Fifties Pop History The Laser. They had no idea that it would someday be used to remove tattoos.
Fifties Pop History Halogen Lamp
Fifties Pop History Implantable Heart Pacemaker. The actual Pacemaker was invented in 1950 it was however an external device.
Fifties Pop History Etch A Sketch Not an artist, just shake it and start over..     Etch-a-Sketch
Fifties Pop History Weather Satellite. USA Tiros I.


Fifties Pop History Valium Anti-Anxiety Drug. Mothers Little Helper!!
Fifties Pop History Non dairy Creamer. News flash - Cows revolt all over the world
Fifties Pop History Cochlear Implants. What did you say?
Fifties Pop History Human Spaceflight. Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin orbited the Earth one time aboard Vostok 1.


Fifties Pop History Audio Cassette. The Philips Company named it "Compact Cassette"
Fifties Pop History Fiber-Tip Pen Otherwise known as a felt tipped pen or "Flair"
Fifties Pop History Spacewar - the first Computer Video Game.
Fifties Pop History Silicone Breast Implants. by Dow Corp, - was Pamala Anderson the first to try them?
Fifties Pop History The LED - Light Emitting Diode
Fifties Pop History Space Observatories, by Ball Brothers Aerospace Corp.- they were looking for the crew of "Lost in Space"


Fifties Pop History Touch-tone Telephone. It had 10 buttons, * and # were added later     Touch tone telephone
Fifties Pop History Computer Mouse.invented by Douglas Engelbar it would not be used with personal computers until 1980
Fifties Pop History Zip Codes. Ever wonder what "ZIP" stands for - Zoning Improvement Plan - now you know!
Fifties Pop History Pull Tab for soda cans. Actually Patented in '63 but invented in '62 by Ermal Cleon Fraze
Fifties Pop History Easy-Bake Oven. A learning toy, molding young Martha Stewarts.
Fifties Pop History Astro Lamp (Later called the Lava Lamp)    Lava Lamp


Fifties Pop History BASIC, computer programming language. I know that you're dying to know - Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
Fifties Pop History Wonderbra. It didn't gain any popularity until the 1990's. Why Not!!
Fifties Pop History Smiley Face. Originally drawn to put a good spin on the merger between two Insurance Companies.     Smiley face
Fifties Pop History Picturephone Introduced at the 1964 World's Fair in NY, it allowed you to see the caller and them to see you.
Fifties Pop History The Ford Mustang. No it wasn't really an invention but I liked them so it's listed here!


Fifties Pop History Astroturf. Originally called "Chemgrass" the name was changed in '66 when it was used in the Houston Astrodome.
Fifties Pop History Smoke detector for home use. First invented in the '40's but those were quite large and quite expensive.
Fifties Pop History Aspartame, the chemical compound found in NutraSweet. It took the FDA 15 years to approve this for human consumption.
Fifties Pop History Compact Disc. Invented and patented in '65 it wouldn't be used commercially until '81 (why change, we had eight-tracks right.)
Fifties Pop History Super Ball. By Wham-O Manufacturing Co the fine folks who brought us the Hula Hoop and the Frisbee.


Fifties Pop History Kevlar. Best known for its use in bullet proof vests.
Fifties Pop History Fiber Optics. A new way of fusing glass strands together paved the way for long distance fiber communications.
Fifties Pop History Video Game. Video games wouldn't be commercially available until '72 and wouldn't be popular until '75.
Fifties Pop History Star Trek the original series. I know this wasn't an invention either but it sure was important!


Fifties Pop History Hand held Calculator. Developed by Texas Instruments it was made possible by their invention of the integrated circuit in 1958.
Fifties Pop History Countertop microwave oven. Named "Radarange" it was made by Amana and later became my best friend!
Fifties Pop History ATM (Automated Teller Machine) First used in the UK this machine has changed late night shenanigans forever.
Fifties Pop History Heart Transplant. The first successful human donor heart transplant by Christiaan Barnard in Cape Town South Africa the patient lived for eighteen days.


Fifties Pop History DRAM Computer Memory. (Dynamic Random Access Memory) on a single circuit chip
Fifties Pop History The First 911 call. the system implemented in Haleyville, AL. beating AT&T to the punch by six months
Fifties Pop History First Supersonic Airliner. Soviet Tupolev Tu-144 achieves supersonic speed
Fifties Pop History The First Manned Lunar Orbit. Apollo 8 successfully orbits the moon with three astronauts on board


Fifties Pop History ARPA Net. (Advanced Research Projects Agency). This is the precursor to the Internet
Fifties Pop History UNIX. a computer operating system developed by Bell Labs
Fifties Pop History The Single-Chip Microprocessor. The Intel 4004 was as powerful as any complete computer available at that time
Fifties Pop History Man Lands on the Moon. Not so much an invention but for Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin it was
certainly "One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind"

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