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Celebrity Birthdays 1960's

1965 Celebrity Birthdays

United States Population = 193,526,000
World population = 3,350,151,444

January 04
January 09
January 12
January 15
January 18
January 22
January 27

February 01
February 01
February 01
February 03
February 07
February 18
February 23
February 23
February 25

March 04
March 08
March 11
March 14
March 24
March 25

April 02
April 04
April 07
April 09
April 12
April 15
April 16
April 16
April 26
April 30

May 03
May 10
May 13
May 24
May 27
May 31

June 10

July 05
July 22
July 22
July 23
July 26
July 31

August 04
August 10
August 11
August 14
August 19
August 24
August 24
August 28
August 28

September 02
September 03
September 09
September 14
September 14
September 16
September 17
September 21
September 25
September 25
September 30

October 08
October 14
October 14

November 09
November 21
November 21
November 24
November 25
November 30

December 03
December 04
December 19
December 21
December 22
December 30
December 31

Julia Ormond
Joely Richardson
Rob Zombie
James Nesbitt
Dave Attell
Diane Lane
Alan Cumming

Sherilyn Fenn
Brandon Lee
Princess Stephanie
Maura Tierney
Chris Rock
Dr. Dre
Michael Dell
Kristin Davis
Carrot Top

Stacy Edwards
Kenny Smith
Jesse Jackson Jr.
Cynthia Geary
Mark Calaway
Sarah Jessica Parker

Rodney King
Robert Downey Jr.
Bill Bellamy
Paulina Proizkova
Tom O'Brien
Linda Perry
Martin Lawrence
Jon Cryer
Kevin James
Adrian Pasdar

Gary Mitchell
Linda Evangelista
Tim Chapman
John C Reilly
Todd Bridges
Brooke Shields

Elizabeth Hurley

Eyran Katsenelenbogen
Shawn Michaels
Patrick Labyorteaux
Saul "Slash" Hudson
Jeremy Piven
JK Rowling

Dennis Lehane
Claudia Christian
Duane Martin Emmanuelle Beart
Kyra Sedgwick
Marlee Matlin
Reggie Miller
Amanda Tapping
Shania Twain

Lennox Lewis
Charlie Sheen
Constance Marie
Dmitry Medvedev
Ron Pearson
Katy Kurtzman
Kyle Chandler
Cheryl Hines
Scottie Pippen
Steve Kerr
Kathleen Madigan

Peter Greene
Steve Coogan
Kelly Rowan

Teryl Rothery
Alexander Siddig
Shirley Henderson
Cris Carter
Ben Stiller

Steve Harris
Anthony DeSando
Jessica Steen
Andy Dick
Lee Berger
Heidi Fleiss
Nicholas Sparks

British Actress (Legends of the Fall)
British Actress (Nip/Tuck)
Rock Musician
Irish Actor (Cold Feet)
Actress (Unfaithful)
Actor (X-Men)

Actress (Twin Peaks)
Martial Arts Actor
Royalty (Daughter of Princess Grace)
Actress (ER)
Comedian (Saturday Night Live)
Hip Hop Musician
Business (Founder Dell Computer)
Actress (Sex in the City)

Actor (In the Company of men)
Basketball Player
Actress (Northern Exposure)
Pro Wrestler (The Undertaker)
Actress (Sex in the City)

Victim of Police Brutality
Actor (Sherlock Holmes)
Czech Supermodel
Comedic Actor (Bad Boys)
Actor (Two and a Half Men)
Actor (The King of Queens)
Actor (Heroes)

Irish Playwright
Canadian Supermodel
Bounty Hunter (Dog the " ")
Actor (Walk Hard, Dewey Cox)
Actor (Diff'rent Strokes)
Model / Actress (Blue Lagoon)

Actress (Austin Powers )

Israeli Jazz Musician
Pro Wrestler
Actor (JAG)
Musician (Guns N' Roses)
Actor (Smokin' Aces)
English Author (Harry Potter)

Crime Novelist (Mystic River)
Actress (Babylon 5)
French Actress
Actress (The Closer)
Actress (Children of a Lesser God)
Basketball Player
Canadian Actress (Stargate SG-1)
Canadian Country Musician)

English Boxer
Actor (Two and a Half Men)
Actress (Selena)
Politician (Russian President)
Comedian / Juggler
Actress (Little House on Prairie)
Actor (Early Edition)
Actress (Curb Your Enthusiasm)
Basketball Player
Basketball Player
Standup Comedienne

Actor (Laws of Gravity)
British Comedian (I'm Alan Partridge)
Canadian Actress (The O.C.)

Actress (Stargate SG-1)
Icelandic Musician
English Actor
Actress (Trainspotting)
Football Player
Actor (Meet the Parents)

Actor (The Practice)
Actress (Armageddon)
Comedic Actor (News Radio)
Hollywood Madam
Author (The Notebook)


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