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Man in the Iron Mask
Movie Quotes &Trivia

Leonardo DiCaprio as King Louis XIV/Philippe
Gabriel Byrne as Capt. D'Artagnan
Jeremy Irons as Father Aramis the Priest
John Malkovich as Athos
Gérard Depardieu as Porthos

Anne Parillaud as Queen Mother Anne
Judith Godrèche as Christine Bellefort
Edward Atterton as Lt. Andre
Peter Sarsgaard as Raoul
Hugh Laurie as King's Advisor
David Lowe as King's Advisor
Brigitte Boucher as Madame Rotund
Matthew Jocelyn as Assassin
Karine Belly as Wench
Man in the Iron Mask
Man in the Iron Mask [DVD]
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Man in the Iron Mask Movie Quotes (1998)

Leonardo DiCaprio ( King Louis XIV): You think my affairs are empty...
Gabriel Byrne (D'Artagnan): I think that it is possible for one man to love one woman all his life and be the better for it, yes.

Musketeers: All for one, and one for all!

Jeremy Irons (Aramis): We are offering you the chance to be King.
Leonardo DiCaprio (Phillippe): No, you are offering me the chance to pretend to be King.

Gerard Depardieu (Porthos): I'd rather die covered in blood than an old man lying in my own piss.

John Malkovich (Athos): Once I, once all of us, believed in serving something greater than ourselves. Aramis had his faith, Porthos his lust for life, D'Artagnan his devotion and I had Raoul. It is what we dreamt, what we bled for. But we all had a common dream. That one day we would serve a king worthy of the throne. I taught Raoul to believe in that dream, and now my son is dead. And now I want to know if my son's life was in vain, and the only person who can answer that is you.

Leonardo DiCaprio ( King Louis XIV): You will hunt down Porthos, Athos, and Aramis, and bring me back their heads, or I will have yours. And as for you, my brother, back to the prison you shall go and into the mask you hate! Wear it until you love it! And die in it.

Man in the Iron Mask Trivia
Did you know?
That the real Louis XIV of France lived from 1638 to1715 and was the longest reigning French king. Louis was a child of 4 when his father died, but he was not allowed to rule until he became 13. Known as the Sun King, he began the lavish refurbishment at the Palace of Versailles.

Parts of the movie were shot at Nicholas Fouquet's stunning palace, Vaux-le-Vicomte, which inspired Louis XIV to build Versailles.

What of the real Man in the Iron Mask? A masked man was imprisioned at the Bastille, although for how long is debated. He died in 1703. The philosopher and writer Voltaire was confined to the Bastille in 1717. He spent almost a year there, and later told a friend that he had spoken to people who had served the Man in the Iron Mask. In his book "The Age of Louis XIV", published in 1751, Voltaire said that the prisoner was forced to wear an iron mask as early as 1661.

Voltaire broadly hinted that the Man was a royal twin. Alexander Dumas, wriritng in the mid-1800s, picked up this idea in his books on the Three Musketeers, which include Man in the Iron Mask. But many other theories exist.

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The Man in the Iron Mask [Book]
by Alexander Dumas

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