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Western Horses and Their Riders

I was always partial to the horses. When I was a kid I had all these toy horses and each had a name. To this day, I can't stand it if some idiot movie director decides it's necessary to "hurt" an animal to achieve some dramatic effect. "Turner and Hooch" and "Dances With Wolves" come quickly to mind. You can kill off all the bad guys. You can even kill off some of the good guys. Just stay away from all four legged creatures!

What came as a total surprise is how many of you felt the same way. About the horses, anyway. Several kind souls contributed horse names which have been added over time to the preceding TV Western Page. But no one can compare to Loren Knapp.

And thanks to all of you have added to this list over the years.

GIDDEY-YAP, YIPPEE! and all of that!


Alamo John Smith Slim Sherman in Laramie (Horse had been John Wayne's)
Altair(Also Rigel,
Antares and Aldebaran)
Ben Hur  
Amigo Peter Brown Chad Cooper (Laredo)
Apache Bob Baker  
Apache Kit Carson  
Argo Xena, Princess Warrior  
Bear Priscilla Presley  
Beauty (Also Sport) Pernell Roberts Adam Cartwright (Bonanza)
Bingo Don Durant Johnny Ringo
Black Diamond Lash LaRue  
Black Jack Rocky Lane  
Blaze King Lori Martin National Velvet (TV)
Blueboy Johnny Crawford Mark McCain (The Rifleman)
Brown Betty Paul Revere ---
Bucephalus Alexander the Great ---
Buck James Arness Marshall Dillon (Gunsmoke)(Same horse as below! )
Real name: Dunny Waggoner
Buck Lorne Greene Ben Cartwright (Bonanza)(Same as above. Greene bought the horse at end of series!)
Buckshot Giuy Madison Wild Bill Hickok
Buttermilk Dale Evans  
Cactus Neville Brand Reese Bennett (Laredo)
Cactus Sunset Carson  
Champion Gene Autry  
Chub (Also Ginger and Piute) Dan Blocker Hoss Cartwright (Bonanza)
Cincinnati Ulysses S. Grant  
Cochise (Also Paint) Michael Landon Little Joe Cartwright (Bonanza)
Comanche Capt. Miles W. Keogh This Horse Was the Only Survivor of the Little Big Horn
Comet (Real name Copper) Bruce Campbell Brisco County Jr.
Copenhagen The Duke of Wellington  
Dandy Gen. George Armstrong Custer not ridden at Little Big Horn
Diablo Duncan Renaldo The Cisco Kid
Dice Richard Dix  
Dick Naylor Wyatt Earp The real guy - when he was in Tombstone
Docs Keepin' Time   Black Beauty movie
Doit El Cid  
Domino Rory Calhoun  
Domino Charlton Heston  
Duke (Also Handsome Boy and Dollar) John Wayne  
Eddie Gabby Hayes  
El Loaner James Garner Bret Maverick (Maverick)
Falcon Buster Crabbe  
Fargo Dale Robertson Jim Hardie (Tales of Wells Fargo)
Gambler Robert Fuller Cooper Smith (Wagon Train)
Ginger Bob Steele A million movies!
Goldie Hoot Gibson  
Hero The Phantom  
Highland Dale Bobby Diamond Joey Newton on Fury
Hightower (stunt) Julia Roberts - Runaway Bride
Hoot Robert Fuller His own horse - that's the real name
Johnny (John Dancer) Julia Roberts Conspiracy Theory (thanks to Athena Nasmyth for this one!)
Joker Andy Devine Wild Bill Hickok
Joker Jan Merlin Lt. Cullen Kirby in Rough Riders
Jubilee Dale Robertson Jim Hardie in Tales of Wells Fargo
Knight Rod Cameron  
Koko Rex Allen  
Leo Jr. (Also Hannibal) Dale Robertson Jim Hardie (Wells Fargo)
Lightning Tim Holt  
Little Buck Robert Horton Flint McCullough (Wagon Train) (Early seasons)
Man Called Shenandoah
Little Sorrel Thomas Stonewall Jackson  
Loco Leo Carrillo Pancho (The Cisco Kid )
Makadoo Henry Darrow Manolito Montoya on High Chaparral
Manitou Teddy Roosevelt  
Marengo Napoleon Bonaparte  
Mesquite Allen Rocky Lane  
Midnight Clint Eastwood Rowdy Yates (Rawhide)
CLICK HERE for a heartwarming story of Midnight's rescue and life after Rawhide
Mr. Ed Alan Young Wilbur Post (Mister Ed) (Allan Lane was the voice)
Bamboo Harvester was the horse's registered name
Nelson George Washington  
Old Whitey William Henry Harrison  
Old Charlie Buffalo Bill (William F. Cody) The white horse ridden in all the Wild West Shows was Isham. - Charlie was his hunting horse who was buried in the Atlantic on the way back from Europe.
Old Whip Santa Anna  
Outlaw Joel McCrea  
Phantom Guy Williams Zorro (Tornado is the better known)
Pie Elizabeth Taylor National Velvet (Movie)
Pilgrim (stunt) Horse Whisperer movie
Penny Will Hutchins Sugarfoot
Rafter Richard Boone Palladin
Razor Chuck Connors Lucas McCain (Rifleman)
Rebel Johnny Mack Brown  
Rebel Cameron Mitchell Buck Cannon on High Chaparral
Rex Monte Montana  
Rex (also Blackie) Richard Simmons Sgt. Preston of the Yukon (the dog was King!)
Rienzi Gen. Philip Sheridan  
Rimrock (stunt) Horse Whisperer movie
Ring Eye Smiley Burnett Sunset Carson movies
Ringo Steve McQueen Josh Randall (Wanted: Dead or Alive)
Rising Sun Elvis Presley  
Rosinante Don Quixote de la Mancha  
Rush Lash Larue  
Ruth (maybe Rufus?) Ken Curtis Festus (Gunsmoke) A Mule!
Rusty Bob Steele  
Sailor Tim Considine Spin Evans (Spin & Marty )
Scar John Payne Vint Bonner (Restless Gun) Horse's real name:John Henry
Scout (Also White Feller and Paint) Jay Silverheels Tonto (The Lone Ranger)
Siete Leguas (Seven Leagues) Pancho Villa  
Silver Clayton Moore The Lone Ranger - Originally called "Dusty" until Silver Cup Bread took over as sponsor.
Skyrocket David Stollery Marty Markham (Spin & Marty )
Smokey Lee Marvin In Cat Balou
Soapy Mark Slade Blue Cannon on High Chaparral
Sophie Harry Morgan Col. Sherman Potter (MASH)
Sport Pernell Roberts Adam Cartwright (Bonanza)
Spumador Larmi King Arthur  
Stardust Gene Barry Bat Masterson
Starlight Tim McCoy  
Stormy Night Robert Horton Flint McCullough (Wagon Train) (later seasons)
Sunset Jimmy Wakely  
Target Gail Davis Annie Oakley
Tarzan Ken Maynard  
Teddy Will Rogers Teddy in Vaudeville & Comanche For Riding Engagments
Texas Bill Boyd Singer
Tony Jr. & Old Blue Tom Mix various movies
Topper William Boyd Hopalong Cassidy
Tornado Guy Williams Zorro
Traveler Robert E. Lee  
Traveler Robert Fuller Jess Harper (Laramie) Named after Robert E. Lee's
Trigger Roy Rogers Trigger's Registered Name -Golden Cloud
Truxton Andrew Jackson  
Vic George Armstrong Custer Slain at Little Big Horn along with Custer
Victor Dan Reid  
White Flash Fred Scott  
White Flash Tex Ritter  
Widow Maker Pecos Bill  
Winchester Gen.Philip Sheridan  

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