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1950s Fun

Did you ever pine for "the good old days"? Wish that things could be more like they used to be? Well me too!
So I invite you to wander through my pages and get a glimpse of life when it certainly seemed simpler.
Take your time and stroll in Music, TV, Cars, Fashions, and Pop History of the 1950's and 1960's.
I have special sections for some favorites like Elvis, The Beatles, the JFK assignation and more
so look below and choose what you want to reminisce about first.
And hey, Thanks for stopping by!!


1950s CARS


1960's CARS

fabulous cars of the fifties Cars of the Fabulous Fifties (including prices)
muscle cars of the 1960's Muscle cars of the 1960's (including prices)

Fifites Fashion with
Fads and Slang



1950's Fashion 50s clothing,
fads and all those "cool" slang words
Fashion Picture Gallery  NEW - 1950's bathing suit pics!!
  hippie clothes 60s Fashion
hippie, mod and more...
also see page 2

Fifties Oldies Music


1960's Classic Music

1950's music'50s music history.Year by year.
The birth of Rock. And of course, Elvis.
  Music from the 1960's title= Music you remember fondly from early rock to the British Invasion.
Year by year history and #1 song charts and of course, The Beatles

Fifties Pop History


1960's Pop History

1950's Pop History A year by year, slightly irreverent look at the Fifties,
including prices, inventions, important people events and the slang also a new section - Sports in the Fifties
  60's Pop History Sixties Pop History.
a fun look back, with famous people, inventions and bands
also 60's Slang and just added Sports History and Highlights

Classic TV


TV Westerns

Television from the 50's,60's and 70's Your favorite old TV shows from those golden days of yesteryear.
Includes 100 TV Westerns.
Now With YouTube Feeds!!
  1950's Westerns Yehaw Pards!
Over 100 of your favorite TV cowboy shows.
and a special section for Wagon Train

Movie Quotes


Burma Shave Slogans

1950's Movies Famous movie quotes and movie trivia. Movie Quote Search.   Burma Shave To kiss; A mug; That's like a cactus:
Takes more nerve: Than it does practice: Burma-Shave
(Remember These Signs!)

The Day the Music Died


TV Ratings - 50s, 60s and 70s

Buddy Holly Crash that killed Buddy Holly, including Coroner's Reports etc.   1950's TV See how your favorite show ranked
Includes UK Ratings

In Memoriam


American Bandstand

celbrity deaths Celebrity Deaths
Also Celebrity Stage and Real Names!
  american bandstand America's greatest dance show!
It defined a generation and had fun doing it

MAIL ME! Comments? Questions? Care to share a thought about The Fifties?

Cool nostalgic fashions

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Celebrity Deaths
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TV Shows on DVD
Also see your favorite TV shows on DVD
See All
New Releases



The Monuments Men
The Monuments Men

1960s TV
Combat Season 1
Wagon Train - The Eighth and Final Season

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