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Fifties Slang

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50s Slang

Nerd Same as now. Bill Gates without the money.


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Nest A hair-do
Nod Drift off to sleep
Nosebleed As in hey, nosebleed - hey, stupid. Not a compliment!
No sweat No problem
Nowhere Opposite of cool. Nowheresville was a boring, bad place to be. (Beats)
Nuggets Loose change
Odd ball Someone a bit off the norm
Off the line Start of a drag race (hot-rodders)
On the stick Pulled together. Bright, prepared...
Pad Home
Paper shaker Cheerleader or Pom Pom girl
Party pooper No fun at all
Passion Pit Drive-in movie theatre
Peel Out To accelerate hard and fast (hot-rodders)
Peepers Glasses
Pile up Z's Get some sleep
Pooper No fun at all
Pop the Clutch Release the clutch pedal quickly so as to get a fast start
Pound Beat up
Punch it Step on the gas (hot-rodders)
Put down To say bad things about someone
Quentin quail Underage girl (San Quentin quail)
Radioactive Very popular
Rag Top A convertible car
Rap To tattle on someone (Beats)
Rattle your cage Get upset
Raunchy Messy or gross in some other way
Razz my berries Excite or impress me
Real gone Very much in love. Also unstable. Hmm, there's a difference?
Reds The Communists
Righto Okay
Rock A diamond
Rocket A car (hot-rodders)
Rod A car (hot-rodders)
Royal shaft Badly or unfairly treated
Scream Go fast
Screamer A hot rod
Shoot low,
they're riding Shetlands
Be careful
Shot down Failed
Shuck, shuckster A deceiver, liar or cheat
Sides Vinyl records
Sing To tattle or inform on someone (Beats)
Sounds Music
Souped up A car modified to go fast
Spaz Someone who is uncoordinated. A clutz.
Split Leave
Square A regular, normal person. A conformist.
Stacked A woman with large er, know, well endowed.
Stack up To wreck a car (hotrodder)
Submarine races While waiting for the submarines to race, which might take quite awhile :>) couples found creative ways of killing the time.
Subterranean A hipster. Used by both Ginsberg and Kerouac. (Beats)
Tank A large sedan (usually driven by parents)
Tear ass Drive (or go) very fast
That's close Something wrong or not true
Think Fast Usually said right before someone threw something at you
Threads Clothes
Tight Good friends
Total To completely destroy, most often in reference to a car
Unreal Exceptional
Wail Go fast
Wazoo Your rear end
Weed A cigarette
Wet rag Someone who's just no fun
Word from the bird The truth (Beats)
What's buzzin, cuzzin What's new?
What's you tale, nightingale What's the story?
Wheelie Lift the car's front wheels off the ground by rapid acceleration

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