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1960s Fashions

Pants, Shorts, Culottes


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60s Fashion

Capri pants

What's old is new. Many of these 1960s fashions could be worn today. Capri pants are popular again!

It cannot be repeated enough. Pants were worn for only the most casual activity. And never ever worn to school. They were not prevalent in the work place yet either.

Wards 1960
2 piece set. Pop top. Mid-calf pants in all cotton sharkskin. $4.97

Sears 1963
Cotton Knits.
Left - Jester shirt with whimsical notched hem. $2.83 Capri pants with a lean, lanky fit. Completely lined with cotton. $3.77
Right - Mandarin look pullover with solid color accents. $2.83 Cabin boy pants flattering knee-high length. Cotton lines. $3.77

Knit capri pants                          

Capri pant
Both the pairs of long pants pictured here were considered capri length, which tended to be longer than the capri pants of modern times.

Spiegel 1960
Over blouse in waffle weave cotton knit. $4.88 Capris - Knit-effect woven cotton. Trim 'n tapered. High-rise waist. $5.97

Sears 1963
Cotton Double Knits
Left - Hip belted overblouse. $3.77 Walking shorts. Cotton lining, side zipper. $3.77
Right - V-neck pullover with striped rib-knit trim. $3.77 Capri pants tailored for sleek fit. Fully lined. Side zipper. $5.77

capri pants

Bermuda shorts The short set at left is very typical of what most women would have worn. Madras was all the rage, and the length of the short would have been considered "respectable."

At right, note that the short shorts are covered by a skirt. Again, a lady doesn't show too much leg!

Ward's 1960
Shirt - Madras type plaid pullover Wash 'n Wear 100% cotton. $2.98
Walking shorts - Dan River 100% cotton fine rib cord. $3.88

Ward's 1960
2 piece set. Playsuit with its own button skirt in all cotton polka dot print. $4.44
1960s shorts

Culottes Culottes were another staple of 1960s fashions. They came as dresses, shorts, skirts. These were not allowed at school but if they looked enough like a skirt then you usually got away with it.

Don't ask about the "coolie" hat at left. They were popular but I wouldn't have been caught dead in one.

Montgomery Ward's 1961
Pop top. All cotton sheen gabardine. Back button close. $2.87 Culotte of all cotton sheen gabardine. 2 pockets. $4.47 Coolie hat $2.39

Sears 1963
Medallion print culotte, step-in style. Smooth percale. $3.84

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60s Fashion

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