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NOTE: The :>) symbol after the "Me" above is called an emoticon. For a quick look at a few of these frequently used online chat symbols and some chat etiquette, CLICK HERE.

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Fifties Chat Info

The Fifties Chat is unmoderated.

When you "click" below on the Enter button, you'll go to the log on screen. Here you will be asked several questions. This is what you will find:

User Name
This is the name you'll use in the Chat Room.

Your E-mail Address
Optional, but useful if you want to correspond with someone later.

Your Home Page
Optional, but if you've got it, why not flaunt it?

How Many Old Messages to Display?
Internet Chat (unlike that over at AOL) "refreshes" itself. This means that a page must refresh, or go back to the server and reload, to see new messages. The Chat Room does this automatically for you (see next entry) but you'll need to say how many old, or previously viewed messages you want to keep with each refresh.

Automatic Refresh Rate (Seconds)
This is the speed at which the page "refreshes" and loads new messages. If you read fast you might want to stay under 10 seconds. Or if you like to contemplate a bit, go 10 to 20 seconds, more if you want it slower.

Use Frames?
I strongly recommend that you leave the box "Yes" checked for the affirmative. If you have a frame enabled browser, and most of you do, the Chat screen will be divided into a reading frame and a writing frame. That way only the top (reading) frame has to refresh which makes the process faster.

Select a Chat Room
For now, there is just the one, "Fifties" chat room


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