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Welcome to: Automobiles of the 1950's

50's cars


cars of the 1950's

50's cars
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1950 Ford car
50s cars

50's automobiles

1950 Ford Crestliner

Ford unveils it's new hood crest (shown below)
which is based on a 17th century coat of arms,
embedded in the grill spinner (shown on left) was an "8"
which symbolized it's flat head V-8 engine

Cost: $1624.00

50's autos

1950 Ford trucks

50's auto

50's American cars

classic cars of 1951

1951 Ford Police Special
1950's auto

1951 Ford Crestliner Tudor

Even though Ford's output tops one million units
it still isn't enough to overtake Chevy

Cost: $1678.00 (base)

1950's automobiles

1951 Ford DeLuxe Fordor

Popular with law enforcement, mostly because of it's reliable V-8
Ford was a pioneer in marketing to the Government market

1950's autos

1951 Ford car

1950's vintage cars
1950's automobiles

classic cars of 1952

1952 Ford Victoria car
classic auto

1952 Ford Victoria Mainline

Ford came in three series: Mainline, Customline, Crestliner
this Mainline (shown) was an economy model automatic transmission was a $170. option

Cost: $1925.00 (base)

classic automobiles

1950's classic cars

cars of 1953

1953 Crestline Victoria

Few body style changes were made this year,
instead customers received 41 "Worth More Features" these included:
push button door handles, self lifting rear deck lid, center fueling and 36 others

Cost: $1950.00 (base)

1950's classic automobiles

1953 Ford car
Ford V-8 powered race car

1950s american cars

1953 Ford car

1950's classic autos

1950's classic automobiles
vintage fifties cars

cars of 1954

1954 Ford Crestline Sunliner

The Crestline series was the most costly of the line
with the Sunliner being the highest with its rich appointments
this is the first year that Ford beats competitor Chevrolet

Cost: $2165.00 (base)

fifties auto

1954 Ford Sunliner

fifties cars
fifties autos

cars of 1955

1955 Ford T-Bird
1955 Ford Thunderbird

1955 Ford Fairlane

While the T-Bird was grabbing all the attention the Fairlane
remained the best seller for Ford bringing it close to tied with Chevy

Cost: $1945.00 (base)

ford thunderbird

1955 Ford Thunderbird

Finally, the show prototype that garnered so much attention, rolls off the production line,
touted as a high performance "personal" car
this drastic diversion to Detroit's status quo only sold 16,000 units this year

Cost: $2944.00 (base)

1955 Fort t-bird

1955 Ford Fairlane
1955 tbird
fifties autos

cars of 1956

1956 Ford Thunderbird

1956 Ford Thunderbird

No body changes for the T-Bird but an outside spare tire was added
(formally called the Continental Kit) as well as a port hole in the hardtop
for improved visibility


1956 T-Bird
50's Fords

1950s Fords
Fifties Fords

fifties automobiles

cars of 1957

1957 Ford Fairlane Skyliner

Fairlane gets a major overhaul with much of the styling
being borrowed from last years show car, the Mystere
the Skyliner (shown) had a retractable hardtop

Cost: $2940.00 (base)

fifties american autos

1957 Ford Fairlane convertible

fifties american cars
1957 Ford car
The Retractable Roof

50s cars

1957 Ford Fairlane car

1950's Fords
fifties american automobiles

cars of 1958

1958 Thunderbird

50s auto

1958 Ford Thunderbird

T-Bird gets an entire makeover, it's now a four seater
and no longer the domain of the sports car enthusiast,
it not only can carry the family but hold their luggage as well

Cost: $3930.00 (Convertible)

50s autos
50s automobiles

classic cars from 1959

1959 Ford Galaxie Club Sedan

The luxury Galaxie series is introduced at mid year
it was a big success accounting for over a quarter of total production

Cost: $2530.00 (base)

50's American Auto's

1959 Ford Galaxie

50's American Cars

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