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Bunny Gibson and Don Travarelli
Bunny Gibson and Don Travarelli  her husband How American Bandstand Changed Their Life For More Bunny click here to go to Bunny

Don Travarelli, from South Philly, watched American Bandstand in 1961 and spotted Bunny Gibson dancing. He fell in love with her. He practiced dancing with his niece, Robin, but when he went down to the show, they wouldn't let him in because he was over the age of 18. Determined, Don got Bunny's number from one of the regulars and he met his dream girl. The rest is American Bandstand history. Don married Bunny. He was 21 and she was 16. They married during her Thanksgiving vacation from Northeast High School. Bunny's mom, Betty, made her promise that she would graduate. She was a senior....and luckily on the Honor Roll.
Don and Bunny had two daughters: Angel and Maria and four grandchildren: Lea & Christopher Di Vello, Alexis Karanzalis & Nicole Weiss.
So Bandstand really did change her life in many ways.

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