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Round Up
Erich Kunzel and the Cincinnati Pops

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Song List

1. William Tell Overture (Finale) - Rossini
2. Magnificent Seven - Bernstein
3. Furies Suite - Waxman
4. Bonanza
5. Rawhide
6. Wagon Train
7. Rifleman
8. How the West Was Won - Newman
9. Gunfight at OK Corral - Tiomkin
10. Pops Hoedown - Hayman
11. Big Country - Moross
12. High Noon - Tiomkin
13. Ti Yi Yippee Ay
14. Shenandoah
15. Red River Valley
16. Home on the Range
17. Streets of Laredo
18. Silverado (Theme) - Broughton

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